Monday, November 03, 2008

Week 9 picks analysis

Having a quick look back at Friday's picks.

Before I dive in, is there anything more annoying that professional NFL columnists presenting their NFL pick results as 'straight up', as opposed to 'against the spread'? Picking straight up is about as hard as beating the Oakland Raiders these days, not exactly super tricky! If you can't show you results against the spread, don't even bother!
  • Bills 32, Jets 17 - Finished 17-26 - Yeah, not so much! Bad start 0-1.
  • Giants 42, Cowboys 27 - Finished 35-14 - Pretty close to the real deal 1-1
  • Cardinals 34, Rams 30 - Finished 34-13 - Now we're rolling 2-1
  • Buccaneers 27, Chiefs 10 - Finished 30-27 - Chiefs make it way harder than it should have been, 2-2
  • Broncos 38, Dolphins 21 - Finished 17-26 - note to self, Denver are really, really bad 2-3
  • Eagles 34, Seahawks 20 - Finished 26-7 - Note to self, Seattle are really, really bad 3-3
  • Patriots 24, Colts 21 - Finished 15-18, Patriots cover +7 spread easily 4-3
  • Bears 23, Lions 17 - Finished 27-23 - I said ''Desperate Lions make it closer than expected, but not close enough'' - 5-3
  • Steelers 28, Redskins 17 - Why are people calling this a possible 'upset'? Steelers are 5-2 and 3-1 on the road!! - Game tonight!
  • Texans 34, Vikings 27 - yeah not so much, Vikings cover the 5.5 points, 5-4
  • Browns 27, Ravens 24 - Ravens 37-27, I slip to 5-5
  • Titans 28, Packers 13 - A classic 'push' result, 3 point spread not covered or beaten, still 5-5
  • Bengals 24, Jaguars 23 - Quite proud of this one, I said; ''Just a hunch (Plus, it's in Bengal territory, remember)'' and the Bengals won 21-19. 6-5.
  • Falcons 24, Raiders 17 - Quite proud of this one also, I said; 'Matt Ryan continues to impress, baby' - Falcons win 24-0. 7-5
So final score 7-5 with a push and a game tonight. The whole point here is, it's the journey in getting to 7-5, or 5-8 or whatever. Journalists shouldn't be ashamed of their mediocre looking 'against the spread' scores, and timidly resort to presenting their scores 'straight up'.

It's the journey, it's how you came to thinking 'Yeah Houston can beat the Vikings!' and getting that horribly, horribly wrong, or on the flip side, how you knew the Falcons were going to roll in Oakland. You just knew.


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