Round Two
Keeper Fantasy Baseball League Draft

Some Major League players have a song played on the PA for them when they come to bat. My second pick in the .406 Club Dynasty Fantasy Keeper League Draft, 24th overall, has just the five. Vernon Wells has a selection of five theme songs, including, "Grillz," by Nelly. Five songs. What I am wondering is, how does the guy who operates the PA system choose? Does Vernon have signs that he flashes on the way to bat?

I will be watching him intently for such signs when the seasons starts.

Vernon Wells

Taking a quick jab step backwards, I joined a great Red Sox Forum recently and they decided to run a five year Fantasy Baseball keeper league. What this means is we draft around 30 players each, and then keep those players for five years, unless we decide to trade or drop said players, or unless they get all 'Cincinnati Bengals' on their owners and end up in some correctional facility or other. I think at that stage they are either cut from the league or given a life time contract with the Kansas Royals, not sure which.

Anyway, the highlight you have all been waiting for, here is exactly what happened as I approached the podium to announce my pick;

With the 24th pick of the .406 Club Dynasty Fantasy Keeper League Draft, the Dublin Sharks, owned by DaddyMac22, selects Vernon Wells (OF)

Little known fact about Vernon, during a Little League practice he was smacked in the face with a groundball, a misfortune that led to him becoming a stellar center fielder (he won consecutive Gold Glove awards in 2004, 2005, and 2006). I will be expecting slightly tougher play, however, from my second pick, 24th overall, when the season starts.

I feel like I am happy with this pick. Guys I had been considering were flying off the board in all directions and Vernon was still sitting there waiting for a good home.

9. DaddyMac22 - Manuel Aristides Ramirez (OF-BOS)
24. DaddyMac22 - Vernon Wells (OF-TOR)
41. DaddyMac22 -
56. DaddyMac22 -

It would appear I am pretty set in the outfield, so I now need to start considering the infield. I know who I want next, and if he is still available I am going to grab him faster than Vincent Wilfork after a hamburger. However, if anybody has any suggestions as to who to grab up next do let me know. You can view the full list of selections so far here

Think of anyone I should grab? Leave me a comment!