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''associated with something by chance rather than as an integral part; extrinsic.''

Teams that aren't going to win the World Series
Exhibit A: The Toronto Blue Jays

Where are all these Toronto Blue Jays fans coming from and why do they have this inflated sense of ability and potential? What exactly is going on?

Like the undead coming to life and crawling out of the ground these Blue Jays fans are clamouring for recognition and demanding some of the American League East limelight that is normally hogged by the Red Sox and Yankees. Is there any basis or foundation for this whatsoever? Let's chop it up.

After scientific research conducted by the 'I didn't know there was baseball in Ireland?!' team, we say, no. In terms of research, we chose a quantitative model known in some areas as 'Having a quick look at their roster going into spring training.'

Check this out for a rotation. Roy Halladay, A.J. Burnett, Gustavo Chacin and Tomo Ohka and Shawn Marcum. Dear oh dear. In the interest of being fair, we will assume A.J turns in a full season (hey stop laughing, we're trying to be even handed here), giving the Blue Jays a decent 1-2 punch for sure. The problem is after that. Those final three chug monkeys would have a hard time breaking the Hungarian National Baseball team's rotation.

Bottom line. If any Blue Jays fan has the temerity to stop you in the street and suggest the Jays should be considered a possible AL East winner for 2007, simply scream, as loud as you can 'Tomo Ohka!! Tomo Ohka!!'

That should put the matter to rest entirely.

Cheat! It pays off!

So, San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman is playing in this Saturday's Pro Bowl, why again exactly? He was banned for a pathetic four games by the NFL for taking banned substances and yet he is still allowed take part in the 2006/2007 Pro Bowl? How can this possibly happen? What message does this send to kids and obsessive gamblers (I assume those are the only two social groups that watch the Pro Bowl?) around the globe who might
actually tune in?

The NFL seems to be saying 'Hey, take some drugs, we will give you a four week vacation and then allow you to take part in a prestige event celebrating the best performances of the previous season!' or words to that effect.

At least Denver cornerback Champ Bailey is not afraid to speak out;

"We don't want anybody cheating. And if you're cheating, something should be done to you, plain and simple. I don't care about protecting anybody that's cheating. If you're cheating, I don't want you out on the field with me."

That's why he's called Champ. Sadly, Merriman will be allowed play and the happy go lucky Hawaiian fans are unlucky to pepper the clown with needles and tablets. We will have to wait until next time he plays in New England for that.

More drafts..

NFL this time (not .406 Club Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Keeper League). I was browsing through a pundits mock NFL draft picks for each side and thought he hit it right on the head with his first pick. It read;

Oakland 1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell, quarterback, LSU. His ability to keep his eyes focused downfield, plus his rifle arm and eye-opening size, would make him a perfect fit for a Raiders team that lacked firepower and punch in its offense this past season.

I saw JaMarcus play in the overwhelming bowl appearance over Notre Dame and I was knocked back on my feet. The best way to describe him is, if you have ever played Madden on easy level and ran up a score of say, 89-0 and your QB has thrown four TD passes while on his heels, well, that's kinda what the LSU v Notre Dame game looked like. The kid is like a giant amongst pygmies. The Raiders fans are in for a treat here with this guy. Naturally, Oakland could blow it all and draft Brady Quinn instead. If that happens, just go ahead and find a new hobby for 2007, Raiders fans.

Hello, anybody in there?

Stan McNeal of the Sporting News should have his typewriter taken away for a few weeks. Take a break Stan. Go do something with the family. In his article entitled ''Moves that could, should and shouldn't happen'' he says the following on Todd Helton;

1B Todd Helton, Rockies. After botching talks with the Red Sox, the Rockies will have a, well, rocky relationship with their franchise player. Discussions with Boston started quietly in December, but Colorado believed it could pressure the Red Sox into a trade by leaking the offer. Bad decision. Still, Helton to the Sox makes too much sense; this deal will be revisited.

Interesting stuff at first, I didn't know it was Colorado that leaked the rumour, for example. However, there is no way Helton is going to Boston, and, Stan, a potential move makes zero sense whatsoever for the Red Sox.

Why on earth would Boston send off a package of promising youngsters for an ageing bat that has benefited wildly from the playing in the thin Denver air? Zero chance of this being revisited. Slap yourself on the wrist Mr McNeal.

Show me what you got

Absolutely love 'Kindom come', Jay Z's first CD after unretiring. Finally got around to airing it out recently and have been glued to it ever since. Buckets of great tunes on it. I particularly recommend "Show Me What You Got", if that doesn't pick you up then you have no pulse. Anyway, great CD, and it sure beats the hell out of listening to the radio.

Plus, Jay Z is a pretty fascinating guy.

"Show Me What You Got," was leaked on the Internet in early October 2006 causing the FBI to step in and investigate. Two questions here. What on earth were they investigating? Secondly, I wonder if Coldplay leaked a tune on the internet would the FBI investigate?

At least Jay Z has a street in Nigeria named after him, so, he has that going for him.