Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bellamy insults Sports Karma
Sports Karma has no comment (and stands back and watches)

Last week Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy was in trouble.

''Craig Bellamy is facing a heavy fine and an uncertain future after a night out allegedly concluded with the forward using a golf club to attack his team-mate John Arne Riise.''

Today, in Liverpool, all over the UK and Ireland and indeed in Madrid, Bellamy is a hero.

Last night he scored in Liverpool's shocking 2-1 win over Barcelona in Spain to put the Spanish Champions elect in serious danger of being knocked out of the competition.

Amazingly, with all the furore from last week, Bellamy then proceeded to celebrate by mimicking a golf shot. Absolutely unbelievable. Right up there with Robbie Fowler celebrating a goal against arch rivals Everton by getting down on all fours and pretending to 'snort' the white sideline markings (I'll let you figure that one out).

Several thoughts on this.

First and foremost, when does the investigation into Bellamy's celebration begin? The reason I ask is, I saw yesterday that Paddy Powers, the Irish bookmaker, had a 'cheeky' special bet available of 100/1 that Bellamy would celebrate a goal with a golf related celebration. I kid you not. It doesn't take Bill Billichek to figure out that maybe Bellamy got wind of this and maybe someone associated with him might have placed a large bet on that special before last nights game. Maybe.

Secondly, what on earth is Sports Karma doing at the moment, is it on vacation? First the Indianapolis Colts anger the Sports Karma Gods by trash talking before the Superbowl and yet they are still allowed win. Now a player beats another player in training with a golf club and is subsequently rewarded with a goal and a precious win in a crucial game. Sports Karma, what gives? Maybe this is all part of the greater plan. I have faith.

Thirdly, readers in the States who have made it this far down the piece without falling asleep. You guys think NFL and other pro sports celebrations are bad. Check Robbie's 'celebration' out..

Tyrell Owens would be proud. Actually, if anyone has T.O's contact details send this on to him with a subject line of 'hint hint' and let's see if he includes 'the Robbie' in his repertoire.

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