Monday, February 12, 2007

Big Hits
Sean Taylor stirs Brian Moorman's porridge

If you were not watching the pro bowl late Saturday night (I know not many weren't, i'm just saying) then you would have missed this insane hit by Sean Taylor on poor defenceless Buffalo Bills (insert Bills joke here) punter Brian Moorman.

However, thanks to youtube you can relive the moment in vivid, stunning and shocking colour as Sean Taylor says 'No thank you sir!' to the punter who appears to have either just got lost on the field or may be attempting a 'punt fake run right and get to sideline as fast as humanly possible'

Now make sure you bear with the clip for the entire 1:26 so you get the lucky special secret surprise near the end

A few things from watching the X rated video

Brian Moorman is alright by me. First of all, he almost made the first down. Second of all, after getting hit he literally bounces right back up. If I had been hit like that I would have stayed down until they found jumper cables to get me back up. Thirdly, not only does he get back up, he then runs back on to the field to congratulate Taylor on his hit. Simply amazing.

If you watch closely as Moorman approaches the sideline and destiny, a couple of AFC players are raising their helmets as if to celebrate a near first down. When Taylor brings his noise the AFC players simply put their hands back down as if they got a question wrong in class.

Japanese television (you'll know what I am on about if you watched the full clip) made a really nice call on the play, including actually realising it was a fake punt alot faster than their American counterparts. Unless of course they just get really excited about punts.

Actually both the crowd and the Japanese crew recognise the fake before CBS.

Finally, what on earth is Sean Taylor doing celebrating hitting a punter? Sports Karma is going to have fun with that next year, when Taylor tries to do that to say, (insert your favourite big running back here) and ends up on (insert running backs team here) highlights everywhere as (insert your favourite big running back again here) runs him over on the way to the endzone.

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