Friday, February 23, 2007

Corey Dillon to retire

So Hard Hittin' Dillon says he's had enough
The Boston Globe is reporting that Dillon is ready to hang up his cleats

Patriots' Dillon to call it quits
Running back will ask for his release

I for one always liked Dillon, he is hard nosed, speaks his mind and worked extremely hard to bring the Superbowl to New England. Plus, I like his running style, head down, straight ahead with lots of sore defenders on the other end. I hope retirements treats the man well.

"I think more of my health, how I envision myself 5-10 years down the road," Dillon said via cellphone from California. "I don't want to be broken down, not able to play with my kids. I've been blessed and fortunate enough to play 10 years. I can get up and walk around and be comfortable. That's one of the big determining factors."

Dillon came to New England after a trade with the Bengals before the 2004 Super Bowl season. Before his stint in New England he played seven seasons with the Bengals. During his career he ran for 11,241 yards, ranking him a very respectable 14th on the NFL’s all-time list. As a Bengal, he broke the single game rushing yards record (later to be broken by Jamal Lewis) with 278 yards.

In his three years with New England, the hard-charging Dillon helped the Patriots to a whopping 35-8 record in games in which he played. He scored 39 touchdowns in 43 contests, totaling 3,180 yards on 753 rushes (4.2-yard average). He recently passed John Rigging on the all time rushers list and should definitely be in with a strong shout at being voted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

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