Round Five
.406 Club Dynasty Fantasy Keeper League


Well, finally it has happened. My draft is collapsing around my ears. Like Rex Grossman facing a long third down and an all out Philly Eagles type-send nine guys-blitz, I have 'Draftaplexia'. This is a term I have made up to describe sudden and completely paralysing stagefright whilst trying to make your next pick in a fantasy draft.

In a sudden, painful deluge of the other owners picks I lost ten of the names I had scribbled down on a post it as my 'choice selections'. Jered Weaver, Joel Zumaya, Dan Uggla..Bam, Pow, Kapow, the punches landed hard and fast.

With the walls caving in around me I made a panic pick forced by severe Draftaplexia.

Here is the moment in stereo.

With the 73rd pick of the .406 Club Dynasty Fantasy Keeper League, the Dublin Sharks, of Dublin, Ireland, managed by DaddyMac22, selects Hank Blalock (3B-TEX)

'Hank Blalock?' he isn't that bad! Why do you call this a panic pick?' I hear you say. Well, instead of trusting my little sheet of pre selected picks I jumped and took the biggest name out of my top five. Instead of sticking to my R.Kelly like strategy and grabbing up as much young talent as I could get my hands on I went for the 'name' factor.

My own little personal rehab session consisted of having a look at Hammerin' Hank's player bios on the web. At least he's young (only 27) and there's always the X Factor, which in this case is the fact that he won a tonne of cash for me when he hit the game winning home run off of Los Angeles Dodgers closer √Čric Gagne in the 2003 All Star Game. Did I say that out loud?

Another important feature is that Blalock's 'approach the plate song' is "Animals" by Nickelback. I feel this mixes nicely with Vernon Well's R&B selections, the PA system person will be busy mixing genres in my fantasy stadium when those players come to bat.

Here is how the Dublin Sharks look right now

9. DaddyMac22 - Manny Ramirez (OF-BOS)
24. DaddyMac22 - Vernon Wells (OF-TOR)
41. DaddyMac22 - C. C. Sabathia (SP-CLE)
56. DaddyMac22 - Jon Papelbon (SP/RP-BOS)
73. DaddyMac22 - Hank Blalock (3B-TEX)
88. DaddyMac22
105. DaddyMac22
120. DaddyMac22

God only knows what level of player I will be getting with that 120th pick.


Patrick said…
Interesting team so far anyway. Interesting name also. "The Dublin Sharks". Why not something a bit more Stereotypically Irish like the "Dublin Paddys" or "Leprechauns" or "Drunken People Hanging From The Windows Of The Local Public House".

Keep up the good work.
P.S. Mariners Rule (I wish)
Brian said…
I hate to make you feel worse than you already feel....but, wow, that's bad. But hey, one bad pick can't sink a team.
Eklof 22 said…
Patrick, where are you writing from?

''"Drunken People Hanging From The Windows Of The Local Public House".

Alabama? It is, isn't it??

Brian, come on, don't rub it in, help me out, give me some direction! I particularly need help with relief pitching, right field and my financil life.
Brian Martin said…
I'm so far behind this year. I haven't even started to look at fantasy baseball yet. So I can't really offer any advice. I can only mock. Sorry!
Eklof 22 said…
...apparently I also need help with my spelling...

''my financil life.''