Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rounds 13 and 14
.406 Club Dynasty Fantasy Keeper League

The picks keep comin' like Oscar De La Hoya jabs - Pow! Pow!

201. DaddyMac22 - Jonathan Broxton (RP-LAD)
216. DaddyMac22 - Bobby Crosby (SS-OAK)

Taking a quick jab step backwards, let me break it down for you like a fraction. I joined a great Red Sox Forum recently and they decided to run a five year Fantasy Baseball keeper league. What this means is we draft around 30 players each, and then keep those players for five years, unless we decide to trade or drop said players, or unless they get all 'Cincinnati Bengals' on their owners and end up in some correctional facility or other. I think at that stage they are either cut from the league or sent to hang out for a day with Nick Lachey, not sure which.

I am delighted to get both the above kids. Broxton is only 22! Crosby is only 26! The 'Dublin Sharks' are getting younger by the pick. Broxton is exactly the kind of player the Sharks covet. While watching the Dodgers in the playoffs last season I was delighted to hear a commentator correct his sidekick who had just called Broxton a 'fireballer'.

The anchor didn't miss a beat in saying 'I'll stop you there, he's actually an 'infernoballer'. Now come on, what team doesn't need an infernoballer?

In line with the teams creator, owner and manager, the team is also building up to be the biggest Fantasy Team ever assembled. Broxton is listed at a weight of 288, in all of major league baseball only C.C. Sabathia is listed at a heavier weight. No prizes for guessing who the Dublin Sharks selected in earlier rounds! Put it this way, the two heaviest players in the Majors play for the Sharks!

If the Sharks don't beat you, they will at least eat all your food.

Actually, man I'm hungry...

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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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