Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rounds 15 and 16
.406 Club Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Keeper League

Youth is served

We are getting deep, deep and deeper into the .406 Club Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Keeper League draft. The picks are getting more amusing by the draft number.

Taking a quick jab step backwards, let me break it down for you like a fraction. I joined a great Red Sox Forum recently and they decided to run a five year Fantasy Baseball keeper league. What this means is we draft around 30 players each, and then keep those players for five years, unless we decide to trade or drop said players, or unless they get all 'Cincinnati Bengals' on their owners and end up in some correctional facility or other. I think at that stage they are either cut from the league or free tickets to the latest Hugh Grant movie, not sure which.

On to the business at hand.

With the 233rd and then 248th picks of the .406 Club Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Keeper League, the Dublin Sharks, based in Dublin, Ireland and managed, owned and coached by DaddyMac22, selects James Anthony Loney (1B LAD) and Craig Robert Hansen (RP - Boston)

With Loney the potential is glaringly obvious. On September 28, 2006 in a game against the Colorado Rockies, Loney went 4 for 5 with 9 RBI's which tied a 56-year Dodgers franchise record for RBI's in a single game held by Gil Hodges. Loney accomplished this feat in only his 46th game with the team while still under 100 total at-bats in his major league career. The kid can rake.

Those of you watching closely will know I chose Nomar in earlier action, meaning I now have a veteran and a high upside rookie type at first base. Present and future (hopefully) accounted for.

Hansen is absolutely intriguing. He left school and basically ended up directly in the Majors with Boston, and he had a decent 2005 season too. 2006 was, however, a relative disaster. There is no doubting Hansen's ability. The 6-foot-5 23-year-old, who can reach 97 to 98 miles per hour and mixes in a hard slider, posted a 3-2 record with 14 saves for St. John's in 2005, registering 85 strikeouts in 64 innings pitched. Named a first-team All-American by Baseball America, Hansen was flawless in his senior season, with an 8-0 record and a 0.00 ERA.

Boston decided to throw him in at the deep end and see if he sank or swim, well, he did neither, he floated, basically. Now my hope, and the hope of the Red Sox front office, is that Hansen will use '05 and '06 as vital experience and after a good offseason workout he'll be ready to be either a ace setup man or a stud closer.

Up next? I have no clue. My 'cheat sheet' is in shreds, 80% of the players have been chosen already by other teams. I am literally winging it at this stage.

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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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