Rounds 6 through 11
.406 Club Dynasty Fantasy Keeper League

Getting young, staying talented

Doesn't the day after the Superbowl feel like an entirely new season? I don't mean a brand new NFL season either. I mean a season as in Spring, Winter and what not. It feels like the imminent beginning of new-ness today.

To launch this new season I am excited about how my five year Fantasy Baseball keeper league team is starting to come together.

Taking a quick jab step backwards, let me break it down for you like a fraction. I joined a great Red Sox Forum recently and they decided to run a five year Fantasy Baseball keeper league. What this means is we draft around 30 players each, and then keep those players for five years, unless we decide to trade or drop said players, or unless they get all 'Cincinnati Bengals' on their owners and end up in some correctional facility or other. I think at that stage they are either cut from the league or given free tickets to the next Hanson concert, not sure which.

Without further ado, the weekend picks...

88. DaddyMac22 - Josh Beckett (SP-BOS)
105. DaddyMac22 - Howie Kendrick (1B/2B-LAA)
120. DaddyMac22 - Brad Penny (SP-LAD)
137. DaddyMac22 - Nomar Garciaparra (1B-LAD)
152. DaddyMac22 - Mike Napoli (C-LAA)
169. DaddyMac22 - Orlando Cabrera (SS-LAA)

Where do I start with that variety mix of a collection of assorted chocolates? I know I will never, ever be mistaken as a 'Glass half empty' kinda guy (I get excited on Thursday night because I know Friday morning is 'Fry Friday' where I allow myself a full fry in the work cafeteria) but, well, I am excited about this team!

Exhibit A:
The rotation.
  • CC Sabathia
  • Jon Papelbon
  • Josh Beckett
  • Brad Penny
Okay, I didn't get any of the big name sexy picks, but my rotation is looking pretty solid and, even better, young. I have a plan to add a veteran soon and I feel comfortable adding a guy who might only give me a single season because the rest of the guys are there for the five years. Each of those guys can win me 15 games, if you don't believe me check their stats out. I was particularly amazed by Brad Penny's relative youth and tasty numbers the last couple of years. Plus, he pitches in the National League, which lets face it, is Quadruple A in standard compared to the AL monster lineups.

Exhibit B:

Getting young, staying talented

No, that's not the title of the next Tony Robbins self help book but a description of a couple of my most recent picks.

  • Josh Beckett (SP-BOS) - Age 26
  • Howie Kendrick (1B/2B-LAA) - Age 23
  • Brad Penny (SP-LAD) - Age 28
  • Mike Napoli (C-LAA) - Age 25

Those guys are going to be playing for the Dublin Sharks for a long time. Kendrick and Napoli are particularly exciting picks.

And the Draft goes on. The picks are starting to get very interesting. Yesterday marked the first time I saw a pick and I did not have one single clue who the guy was. He could have been made up for all I knew. That's a pretty decent sign we are getting deep into the draft. My next few picks are already in my head, I know where I want to go with these ones.

184. DaddyMac22
201. DaddyMac22
216. DaddyMac22

We'll see what happens.