Top 100 Red Sox Project
Cruising through the nineties

The Top 100 Red Sox of All Time: A Sox Blogs Project is in full swing and the first few players have been posted as chosen. If you are new to the notion of a Top 100 Red Sox list, basically several Sox bloggers got together and spent a while selecting their top 100 of all time to wear a Boston uniform.

Starting February 6th, through the end of Spring Training, contributing authors will be posting biographies of the Top 100 Red Sox of all time at their own blogs and here at Top 100 Red Sox of all time

The countdown will begin with #100 and build all the way to the best player to ever put on a Red Sox uniform.

This from one of the groups original creators;

''As a group, we've combed through history to rank the 100 players based on their career performance in a Red Sox uniform. Statistics achieved for other teams were not factored into this analysis. We wanted to find the greatest Red Sox player of all time more than we wanted to find the best player to wear the Red Sox colors.''

Here's the current list as of this morning:

Top 100 Red Sox

My first bio will be Buck Freeman to be posted on Valentines day. Had alot of fun researching Buck, interesting character. The guys are doing an amazing job with the bios they are enjoyable to read and stacked full of interesting information on your favourite Red Sox past and present.