Who doesn’t like presents?
My Dad, Big Pappi and big trucks

Today, Febuary 22nd, is my Father's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. I can only dream of the day I can present him with something like what the Red Sox Front Office presented Big Papi on his arrival at Red Sox Spring Training Camp.

A black Toyota Tundra TRD Off-Road I-Force truck.

For now, he is going to have to settle for the fact I wear '22' on my jersey since that's your birthday. Oh, and those concert tickets my brother and I got him.

“They give me something every year - That’s why I keep going. I like presents. I’m like my daughter (Alexandra). When she sees any box come to the house, she opens it. (I say), ‘Alex, that ain’t yours,’ but (she says), ‘I want to see what it is!’ She likes presents. I like presents. Who doesn’t like presents?”

Big Pappi


SoxFan said…
Well deserved for Big Papi...great TV footage yesterday of him huffing and puffing while doing some "running" drills
Haha, did you see the interview on NESN when he was talking about this. They kept asking Papi if he was upset about all the big contracts this year, and making his seem inadequate. The fact that Dice-K gets golf memberships and an interpreter and personal trainers and everything. What does Papi get? A truck! And apparently Mrs. Papi is getting a puppy!
Eklof 22 said…
''golf memberships and an interpreter and personal trainers''

I dont think Big Pappi would be interested in any of the above, particularly the latter!!