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Adventitious blog entries 3
''associated with something by chance rather than as an integral part; extrinsic.'' is fast becoming one of the greater online supporters of Baseball Ireland the The Emerald Diamond movie. STL today is the Internet home of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I have to admit I would not have thought there was an enormous Irish presence in St Louis, although judging by his surname STL today journalist Dan O'Neill might have a thing or two to say about that!

Dan penned this really excellent piece on Baseball Ireland and John Fitzgerald's movie 'the Emerald Diamond' the day after St Patrick's day. In all my time in Baseball Ireland this is one of the better articles I have read on our little venture. Plus, Dan included a goofy quote from your author in another one of his regular STL today pieces (read down a little to see it under 'quoteworthy').

Speaking of the Emerald Diamond...
Creator John Fitzgerald keeps a really entertaining, interesting blog on his time making and then 'selling', showing his movie. This weekends entry is an absolute riot, detailing his St Patrick's weekend and his attempts to have the movie shown on SNY.

Top 100 Red Sox blog
The Top 100 Red Sox blog got off to a great start but slowed a little lately, however the designers and creators are giving it an extra push this month in an attempt to finish it off. Having previously posted on the likes of Keith Foulke and Johnny V, I am looking forward to writing up the great Tony C in the next week. Very fun project, check it out.

March Madness
Yes, we are afflicted by March Madness here in Ireland too. Basketball is actually a pretty big sport here and NASN are showing March Madness in full. I was rooting for BC and Connecticut but with them out money talks to I have backed Georgetown (9-1) and Ohio State (8-1). Lorcan Sherlock of my Irish Baseball League club team, the Dublin Hurricanes, set up a bracket-pool for a couple of us off the team. Club Captain Steve Divito, Chris Foy, Andy Martin, Lorcan, Eric 'Vegas' Valkys and myself all joined in. Here is his most recent update which includes a hilarious character bio on each player.

The bio for Eric Valkys in particular is absolutely hilarious.

Name Round1 Round2 Total
Lorcan 28 22 50
Chris 25 24 49
Steve 28 20 48
Cormac 27 20 47
Andy 22 18 40
Vegas 23 16 39

Chris X. Foy
1. Member of the Irish National Team.
2. X stands for eXtra batting practice needed.

Steve Divito
1. From Watertown, so he is intrinsically good.
2. Dyes his hair gray so as to appear wiser and more
3. Looks like a cross between Ross from friends and
Inspector Gadget. Unfortunately, he does not have
go-go-gadget-legs, and it often takes him several
minutes to get from home to first.
4. Has pitched at Fenway.

Cormac Eklof
1. All time leader in W's in Irish baseball history.
2. Has never, ever cut to the basket, preferring to
spend most of his time somewhere between the three
point line and half court.

Andy Martin.
1. Andy does not like to be trifled with.
2. Andy has won the Silver Slugger award for the
Irish Baseball League.
3. If you were to twist my arm and ask what animal
Andy looks like, I would be compelled to respond that
Andy looks a bit like a turtle.

Eric Valkys (Vegas)
1. Vegas likes to gamble. Since I've known Vegas,
I've been keeping track of the wins and losses he's
told me about. In the past year, Vegas is up over
seven hundred thousand euro. It hasn't changed him a
bit though, he's still the same old Vegas.
2. Eric has the most impressive resume (CV) of any of
this group. He has played baseball with Mo Vaughn and
John Valentin. He has played basketball against Kobe
Bryant. He has advised Presidents Bush and Clinton,
and he was a weapons inspector in Iraq, reporting
directly to Hans Blix. Vegas once dated Reese
Witherspoon. Oh yeah, and he also invented the cotton
gin, along with Eli Whitney.
3. Vegas is very good at stealing bases on passed

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The Omnipotent Q said...

Glad you liked the piece I wrote over at about The Emerald Diamond. It was a pleasure to watch it again last Saturday on SNY.

Thanks also for the comment you left over at my blog about the Dave Roberts steal from that "different" perspective. Every time I see it, it still gives me the chills...

I am also doing another piece over at Top 100 Red Sox blog, on Mike Greenwell. That should be up today or tomorrow. It's the fourth one I've done, after Johnny Damon, Bill Monbouquette and Tex Hughson. It's a great site, and I know you're glad to be a part of it as I am. I look forward to reading your take on Tony C...

Hope all is well in Dublin, Cormac...

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks also for the link to John's blog about the craziness he endured on St. Patrick's Day. "The Emerald Dilemma" indeed!

Anonymous said...

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