'Dan Shaughnessy - a life'
Will Ferrell set to play Dan Shaughnessy in story of Dan's life

As you can see from the below picture, noted thespian Will Ferrell is getting into character as he prepares to take on the roll of legendary Boston sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy, for a project due to be released in 2008. Details so far are sketchy however it appears Ferrell is taking the role seriously, enrolling in the Terrell Owens 'School for political correctness' in order to develop Shaughnessy's particular quirks of character for the part.

Dan and Will, or is it Will and Dan? Who can tell?!


dbvader said…

Say hi to lorcan sherlock for me and tell him I am still pissed at being roped into the draft.

Take care,

Tim said…
Hey Don't put Will Down Like that !!! RED SOX and the quest for the 7th Championship starts tomorrow !!!! I will be at the Park on 4-22-07 VS the Empire, do you want pictures? www.menuhub.com
Cormac said…
Darth Vadar, done and done!

Tim, absolutely positively want pics, get in touch!