The Emerald Diamond update March 2007

What is the Emerald Diamond? Glad you asked. The Emerald Diamond is a documentary following the history of Baseball Ireland and the Irish National Baseball team. Director John Fitzgerald financed the film almost entirely on credit cards while working freelance at various jobs in the TV and film industries. Find out more in this piece here and also here at the official website of the movie

Here are a few updates on the movie to note as we approach St Patrick's Day

1.) "The Emerald Diamond" is now online!

The films director, producer and owner, John Fitzgerald, has put a shortened version of the film on the Internet to help spread the word. Here is a link to the video and it includes an introduction by John himself.

2.) SportsNet New York (SNY) - Television Premiere

"The Emerald Diamond" will air on SportsNet New York (SNY) on St. Patrick's Day (3/17) at 5pm. SNY is the official network of the New York Mets and can be seen in NY, NJ, CT and PA. If you are in the States and aren't sure what channel it is on your cable system, go here

SportsNet New York is available outside its regional broadcast territory through DIRECTV on channel 625 and through DISH Network on channel 438. DIRECTV customers who live outside SNY's region must subscribe to the DIRECTV SPORTS Pack, which is available a la carte throughout the United States to all DIRECTV customers. DISH Network customers, who subscribe to America's Top 60+, DishHD Silver or any higher package, now have access to SNY on channel 438.

A message straight from the 'Emerald Diamond's director John Fitzgerald:

''Now, I know many of you won't be home at 5pm on St. Patrick's Day - I can't blame you! But if you're at a party or a bar, ask them to turn on the movie. Even if the movie is playing with no sound on a bar that has 20 TV sets, the movie will still be seen by many people. It will help spread the word about the movie and about the Irish National Baseball Team.''

SportsNet New York (SNY) - St. Patrick's Day at 5pm

1.) Set your VCR/TiVo
2.) Ask your bartender to turn on SNY at 5pm
3.) If you'd like SNY to play the movie again, call them at 212.485.4800 or email them at

3.) Media Appearances

It looks like there will be stories about "The Emerald Diamond" in several newspapers and possibly on some TV stations across the United States. Keep an eye out for it and feel free to call your local sports talk radio show to mention the film. If you need any further information before you make the call contact John at the Emerald Diamond website.


John recently started a charity to raise money for the Irish National Team and youth baseball programs in Ireland. You can learn more at; - there are also some outtakes from the movie on that website. Spread the word about this by emailing on this blog to your friends.

5.) Additional Screenings

"The Emerald Diamond" will be playing at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown on St. Patrick's Day at 3pm. It will also be screening at the Newtown Theatre in Newtown, PA on March 24 at 1pm.

One final message from John;

''Thanks again for all your support. It's been a long year of screenings and promotion but I'm glad to have had the chance to tell this story to all of you. Keep spreading the word and if you have any questions, please let me know. ''

More on the Emerald Diamond


Cormac: Thanks for the heads-up regarding "The Emerald Diamond" being on St. Patrick's Day on SNY. I put up a post on my blog about it today:

I will also put something up about it on either today or tomorrow. I hope many more people get to see it...
Gerry said…
Wow thanks for the links and the info. I will definitely be telling people about this. It was definitely educational. Happy St. Patty's!