Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Let's get Randy!

The Randy Moss to New England chatter is increasing in volume all over the internet

Randy Moss plays nice with thousands of Green Bay fans

Interestingly the Globe hasn't touched it (they are too busy suspending journalists for minor plagiarism) but the Herald and various New England blogs are all over this potential blockbuster

Meanwhile, the opinion out west appears to be, how soon can you take this guy off our hands?

Please, please, pretty please.
Take Randy.

Signed, A Disgruntled Raiders Fan

The bottom line is, although a somewhat erratic character the last few years, Randy Moss is supremely talented. A big, fast receiver he would instantly give the Patriots passing offence a massive upgrade, which would in turn give Maroney a tonne of room to run in.

The Patriots locker room is packed with level headed veterans, so much so that a player like Corey Dillon, previously viewed by many as a malcontent, was able to come in, do his job (to a high degree of excellence) and most importantly stay out of trouble.

Some are scoffing at the notion that the Patriots front office and coaching staff would ever entertain Moss as a player, however the Boston Herald points out that the coaching staff may actually covet the big lug;

'' But Moss is supremely talented, and he’s got something else working in his favor - Bill Belichick apparently loves him. League sources last night indicated the Patriots coach has long been enamored with the Raiders wide receiver and would welcome the opportunity to bring him to Foxboro for the right price''

On a related note, in his piece on how the Patriots would be crazy not to add Moss, Gerry Callahan says;
''As we sit here today, the Pats are the favorites to win Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Ariz.. Thank you, Bill Belichick. Maybe someone should be sending you boxes full of cash''

I would like to know who his bookmaker is, The Patriots are fourth/fifth favourites at best here in Europe, all the major bookmaking websites have the Patriots at around 10/1 to win it all, a very generous price indeed and something I will be making use of to the tune of a freshly printed five euro note.

Funny isn't it, how I can walk into a bookmakers here in Dublin and place a bet on the Patriots to win the Superbowl whilst you in Boston, New Britain or anywhere else in the States can't. I guess the jokes on me though, you guys can buy a gun instead!

Back to Randy, I say, let's get the guy on board, stick his locker in between Tom Brady and Richard Seymor and let's let the fella go catch a few deep balls. The potential rewards far outweigh any potential issues.

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