Monday, March 05, 2007

Mailbag 5th March

Please Mister Postman, look and see
(Oh yeah)
If there's a letter in your bag for me
(Please, Please Mister Postman)

You just can't beat seventies lyric writing.
A couple of interesting emails this weekend past.

My good friend Garret, in Dublin, asks;

''I’ve a business trip to NY/NJ at the end of April which very conveniently coincides with the red stockings playing the evil empire. I’m looking at tickets on – don’t want to spend a fortune so looking at upper tier or bleachers – are those seats ok or are they so high/far away to be useless?''

It all depends if you, as a fellow Red Sox fan, actually appreciate life or not Garret. I have been to Yankee stadium on three occasions, twice to see Red Sox wins, once to see the Yanks overpower a pathetic Royals lineup. Breaking them down actually answers your question to some extent.

For the game against the Royals, I was with three other people, we had been drinking all afternoon, lazing around and generally enjoying being in the States for the summer as a break from college at home in Dublin. We sat in the bleachers and spent the entire time trying to get around the stadium drinking policies. Our quandary was profound, we had one fake ID between three people and you could only buy two drinks per person. Needless to say we eventually figured it out. This was a low-stress personal encounter with Yankee stadium. I wore zero Sox related garb and was not heckled, confronted or abused once. You could almost say I enjoyed my trip.

In '99 I went to Yankee Stadium to see Pedro strike out 17 little Yankees in what was the greatest pitching performance I have ever seen. I went alone, sat in the upper deck in a Red Sox jacket, and spent the entire time afraid for my life. I was more verbally abused than Ashley Simpson at the Orange Bowl. I did, however, get a fantastic view of the game. You don't have a great view of say, the strike zone, but you certainly get the overall picture.

That night I had a great view of the bleachers, and they appeared as rowdy as your average European soccer crowd. The bleachers actually appeared to be swaying, and the noise coming from them was incredible, as many Dominican's celebrated Pedro's dominating performance.

Finally, in 2003 I made it to Yankee Stadium again. Pedro was on the mound for the Red Sox yet again and this time the venom was somewhat taken out of the Yankee crowd by the Sox deflating 10-1 win. I was also with six friends, a couple of whom were also rooting for the Sox. This leads me to believe Yankee fans only pick on you when you are on your own.

Hope that answers your question.

Paul Swinford, the Director of Development at the Villa Augustina School in New Hampshire asked me to include this, not only will I include it Paul, I will be contacting you about buying tickets! What a fantastic prize, and for a good cause too!

Paul writes;

''The Villa Augustina School in Goffstown, NH is holding a charity raffle for a precious piece of Red Sox history: a bat personally signed by 25 stars of the 2004 World Series champions.

The bat is a 34" Rawlings Big Stick Professional model personally signed by Ortiz, Ramirez, Schilling, Varitek, Damon, Martinez, Foulke, Arroyo, Embree, Wakefield, Roberts, Bellhorn, Williamson, Cabrera, Mientkiewicz, Mueller, Mirabelli, Mendoza, Nixon, Reese, Kapler, Lowell, Meyers, Millar and Francona.

The bat has a retail value of $3,500 and includes a certificate of authenticity. More information and raffle tickets are available at Tickets are $10 each; 3 tickets for $20; or 20 tickets for $100.00.

The winner will be drawn on Saturday, March 17. The winner does not have to be present to win. All proceeds benefit Villa Augustina School (a private elementary school) and Crispin's House, a non-profit Goffstown youth services organization.''

Marek in London, UK, writes;

''I heard about that Emerald Diamond film a while ago, they were talking about it on NESN, (which I watch online) and was really surprised about all the history. Where could I get my hands on a copy?''

Marek, you can find out all you need to know about the Emerald Diamond, right here, including how to buy a copy online. It's a great little movie and has many ties to New England baseball at various levels (including the Irish National Team's exhibition game in Fenway park in 2001).

Pretty cool mail from Erin in San Diego regarding my Top 100 Red Sox entry on Jim Lonborg. She writes;

''Dr. Lonborg has been the only celebrity I've interacted with in my life to date. He looked at my teeth after my husband (whose family in Scituate we were visiting) hit me in the mouth with a baseball, of all things. I can confirm that "Gentleman Jim" is just the right nickname for him.''

I bet he got a giggle when he heard why you were sitting in his dentists chair!


The Misplaced Bostonians said...

Thanks for that Cormac, I'll be sure to get myself a copy when I have some money. Have you heard of them wanting to show it in the cinema in London at all? Lots of Americans, lots of Irish, lots of baseball fans that might enjoy it.

Eklof 22 said...

Haven't heard of that possibility yet but go ahead and mail the movie maker, John Fitzgerald, and suggest that, that would be cool!

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Irish National baseball team
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