Friday, March 02, 2007

Red Sox bits and bobs
Checking the news out on a wet Dublin friday

First off, I really like how Dan Shaughnessy attacked the Northeastern game from last night with an interesting angle, largely from the college players perspective. Boston won 11-0 which actually is pretty respectable when you consider the gap in talent.

Meanwhile, I take it that was the 'B' team that played Toronto last night, judging by the pitching that went up against the Blue Jays?
K Gabbard (L,0-1)
D Hansack
T Hughes
J Lopez
E Martinez
D Pauley
I wonder how many of that merry bunch will make the big club once they break camp?

Dirt Dogs, he who likes to slander anything that moves in order for him to be able to make asinine photoshopped 'funny' pictures of baseball players, leads with a picture of Schilling entitled 'Heavy duty', trying to call attention to Schill's alleged size issue. Thing is, Schill looks in pretty good shape. Plus, he threw well in his first spring tune up. So, not for the first time in my life, I ask, what's up Dirt Dogs, finding it hard to slate players now that your favourite whipping post Foulke has retired?

Times must be rough when you are making fat jokes.

Super piece in today's Herald on Manny.
On Manny's workout regime;

“Every day in the morning, he’ll call me and it’s, ’Meet me in the lobby at 10 o’clock,’ ” said Page. (Dave Page, the strength and conditioning coach,) “I’ve been in baseball for nine years in the major leagues, and by far, Manny is the most consistent and most intense workout guy I’ve ever had. I think he enjoys it. He comes in in the morning, lifts and works out, goes home for some lunch and a nap, and then he’s back here, running with the pitchers every day and then batting practice. ''

Michael Silverman adds;

'Manny was being Manny long before he came to Boston, and he’s going to keep on being Manny after he leaves - and well after he delivers what is going to be one hell of a Hall of Fame induction speech.'

Meanwhile, Eric Wilbur goes to town, sort of, on Manny's escapades the last couple of years in Boston, and says he is going on vacation around July, which is when he thinks Manny will start acting up again.

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Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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