Rotten rotation
Yankees go into the season with a shredded starting five

With Johnny 'show me the money' Damon running around telling everyone who will listen how the Yankees are the team to beat, I have to wonder how many of his team mates are looking at their opening day starter, Carl Pavano (presuming he hasn't injured himself in the twenty minutes it took me to write this paragraph) and their rotation as it stands and murmuring to Damon to 'keep it down, stop drawing attention to us!'.

Members of the NY Yankees discuss their rotation woes in passionate fashion

I mean, from the news we are hearing from Florida the last few days, how long before we can start calling the Yankee rotation a complete train wreck?

Randy Johnson has run screaming for the comparative safety of the National League. Andy Pettitte's back is acting up. Cranky old man. Kei Igawa looked like the second coming of Hideki 'The Fat Toad' Irabu (Georgie Porgie's words, not mine) in his spring start against the Tigers.

Chien-Ming Wang (Imagine his bullpen coach was the Reds Dick Pole, 'Dick Pole comes out to talk to Wang'), the carrier of hopes and dreams for all in pin stripes, a 19-game winner last year and runner-up for the American League Cy Young Award, will begin the season on the DL and could be sidelined at least a month.

Seeing as the Yankees don't want to rearrange Mike Mussina's schedule this late into spring training (in case he throws a big hissy fit), it's Pavano who has been named by Joe Torre to pitch April 2 against the Devil Rays at Yankee Stadium. This raises a number of questions. Did Torre go out and get steaming drunk prior to being forced to do this? How long before Pavano re-injures himself? How far into the upper decks will Johnny Gomes plant Pavano's fastball? Seeing as this would be Pavano's first major league outing since June 2005, will he even be allowed in the park by security?

So, what I want to know is, how does the average Yankee fan feel about his or her rotation this summer? Good? Bad? Suicidal? Drop me a line and let me know!


Tim said…
Cormac... Being a little Hard on the Pin stripes.....NOT. I love it. I live in an area of Massachusetts that People are either Sox fans or Yankee fans. So it is great to see them fall apart ! Tim Kealy
Cormac said…
I was inspired by someone on a pro Yankee blog saying the Yankees had the best rotation in baseball, and by Rick Sutcliffe waffling on about how great the Yankees are going to be in '07. Frankly, while their lineup is very powerful, their pitching rotation is a total mess.
Sutcliffe is a real windbag who loves to hear the sound of his own voice. I was watching the same game, and doesn't he realize the pitching and defense wins titles??

I like the new template, Cormac. I'll change mine one of these days...
Cormac said…
''Sutcliffe is a real windbag who loves to hear the sound of his own voice. I was watching the same game, and doesn't he realize the pitching and defense wins titles??''

You would have thought he of all people would yeah!!

Thanks, felt it was time for a change as I get closer to publishing my book! Nothing wrong with the old one, just time for a change!