Sunday, March 04, 2007

A slow wet, dreary Dublin Sunday
A morning spent going through the sports pages

Great to see the heart and soul of the Patriots declare himself ready to go for next season. ESPN and the Boston Globe are saying Tedy Bruschi is raring to go. He just underwent two years of injury and health scares, missing all of last seasons training camp, so I believe we will see a rejuvenated Tedy in 2007.

Really interesting, incisive piece in the Globe by Bella English today on the enigma that is Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichik. Some nice little nuggets in there for Patriots fans, like this from a message to his son Tucker;

"I hope you are off to a good start at school," Belichick wrote Tucker in one exchange three years ago . "Be sure to sit in the front row and pay attention to the teacher. That is what our best players do when we have meetings. Tom Brady always sits in the front row with his notebook open when the meeting starts. He also does his homework and turns it in when he comes to the stadium in the morning. Just like you, right?"

Brady the teacher's pet!

The article openly addresses some of the media fau pas Belichick had this season just passed and doesn't shy away from telling us how certain members of the media slated Bill for his seemingly feckless behaviour. Here's the thing though, we have become obsessed with the polished, media friendly personas of people like Peyton 'I am on TV every 5 seconds' Manning so there is no room for Bill's admittedly gruff approach.

Belichick is what he is, a football coach, who does an incredible job on the field for the New England Patriots. Shouldn't that be enough? His boss, Patriots owner Bob Kraft, seems to have alot of respect for the man and at the end of the day that is probably all that matters;

"One of the reasons I like him as a coach and human being is that he is never boastful and self-important," Kraft says. "He's not a phony, and to me, at this stage of my life, that's important. I'll say this: I've never known him to lie to me.''

Give me five Bill Belichicks for every single Nick Saban type and the NFL and the world would be a better place.

Nice win last night for the baby Cs, although, I was kind of hoping they would tank the rest of the season in order to be higher up the draft list and therefore increase their chances of landing Greg Oden, who is amazing. I guess a win is a win and it's always nice to beat the Nets.

Sounds like it was a real humdinger of a finish too;

''The Celtics should have lost. They trailed by 11 points with less than four minutes to play, and had nothing going on offense until everything magically came together. They scored on 10 of their last 11 possessions in regulation, getting 3-pointers from Pierce and Delonte West in the final 11 seconds of the fourth quarter to tie the game at 83.''

Just how vital is Paul Pierce? Actually, how incredible is Paul Pierce? Without him the baby Cs were absolutely brutal, a bad joke, and with him they can beat the Nets. They need to get a great team around this guy the next few seasons and take advantage of a man in his prime.

By the by, some night for big Al. Jefferson went crazy;
A. Jefferson: Points: 32, Reb: 18, Ast: 2, Stl: 1 and Blk: 2

That's a good night's work.

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