Todd Helton?
Yes please, I mean, no. Actually, yes..well..maybe no..

Hey so is everyone wearing flip flops down in sunny Florida? I dreaded the day this would happen, as it's a toss up between who I read first on a daily basis, him or Jack Curry in the NY Times, but a few weeks ago, on the Todd Helton story, Eric Wilbur said;

''Helton just isn't the powerful force that he once was anymore, for whatever reason. He's still a nice hitter, but not one worth $90 million''

In the same piece Eric gives us all the reasons we should be running, screaming from any Helton trade, particularly one involving talented young pitching. He said at the time;

''Since 2004, Helton has gone from Manny Ramirez-like numbers to Kevin Youkilis-like numbers. Except, Helton is still being paid like a superstar in one of the worst contracts the market had to offer before this winter of free-spending. Helton will make an astronomical $16.6 million each year through 2010, and is signed through 2011, when he will make $19.1 million. At that point, his power numbers might reflect those of Jerry Remy.''

So, we should not be offering up all our youth in sacrifice for this guy, right Eric? I love Jerry Remy as much as the next Remdawg but I don't want to see him batting sixth in the 2007 Red Sox lineup. Right?

Wrong! Today, Eric says;

''Right now, the relief pitcher (Hyde Parks Manny Delcarmen) might be the only thing standing in the way of the Red Sox potentially making a blockbuster deal that would promise to improve them offensively for 2007 and solving a potential offseason pressing need.''

I just don't know anymore! Personally, I am one of those few left who believe in Theo. It is very hard to maintain a good balance of 'win now' and 'win later' but I like how Theo has built up a core of good young players mixed in with veterans like Schill, Tek and so on, and would hate to see that being broken up somewhat by grabbing a player on the decline for huge money too.

I say keep the Hyde Park lad. Saw him pitch a few times last season, he seemed to like having the ball in his hand, seemed to want it and to want to win for the Red Sox.

That's priceless in this day and age


I'm really not a big fan of this Helton trade. I reckon the Rox have just slapped a big price on a player with Coors-field-altitude-induced numbers. Not worth the risk seeing as we don't really need him anyways. As for Manny Delcarmen, local lads always deserve to stay with the Sox in my opinion. Something the current management has done very little of.
Eklof 22 said…
''Not worth the risk seeing as we don't really need him anyways.''

Yeah see that's the thing, why would the Sox mortage away so much of the future for a short term answer to a question they are not even being asked?

Good point.