Friday, April 27, 2007

Adventitious blog entries 6

''associated with something by chance rather than as an integral part; extrinsic.''

In today's 'adventitious' entry - Japanese Ads, Bloodgate, Pictures from Fenway, Hughes beaten up, Sports Guy on the Sox and 'the 5,000'

Matsuzaka - them's fightin' words
Great snap of an advertisement on the Tokyo subway system.

''Reports detail a number of fights breaking out on the Japanese subway system''

Many thanks to Dr. Michael Crowley for allowing me to use the picture. Who knows what the ad is getting at, but it sure angried up my blood for this weekends series in New York!

How's your Papelboner?
A little update on Jonathon Papelbon's current record when pitching as a closer;
75.2 innings, 88 K's, 17 walks, 41 saves, six blown saves, seven earned runs, 0.85 ERA

Yikes. Seven runs in almost 76 innings? Sheesh.

If you are just back from white water rafting in South America, you will have missed that the clowns who commentate on the Orioles games have called into question the blood on Schilling's sock in his amazing ALCS win over New York, days after having his ankle operated on.

Amazingly this non-story has become a nationwide topic, with ESPN and others picking it up. Meanwhile several media types and bloggers have taken the chance to have another pop at Schilling.

I like that Schilling expresses his opinion, as it is often more necessary than allot of the rubbish the media comes out with, the perfect example being this insane inquisition to the 'sock'. Personally I would rather read Schilling's blog and thoughts on actual game play than this inane and pointless crap.

Back to the sock, just to show how idiotic the comments made on air were, the individual who made them, said this yesterday;

"It was one of those 'before the game' things in the clubhouse. I remember asking him about something, it wasn't even about the sock we were talking about. It was something else, like one of those 'last question' things."

Well then doesn't sound like the kind of thing one should be speculating about on air during a game, does it? Not exactly 'sound evidence.'

On a side note, kudos to Alan Wood (author of 'The Joy of Sox' blog), who was the first Sox fan I exchanged Red Sox related links with. This in today's Globe:

''Allan Wood, a Red Sox fan who lives in Ontario and has his own blog (Joy of Sox), was watching the Orioles' feed Tuesday night, and e-mailed a Globe reporter with Thorne's comments. ''

Nice to see Sox 'Fan-boys' (us bloggers as Shaughnessy calls us) being spoken of kindly in the Globe for a change, rather than being slated by the Curly Haired Boyfriend for having the temerity to have an opinion. Alan's 'Joy of Sox' blog broke this story to the Globe, not the other way round.

Tim Kealy's Fenway pictures
Loyal reader and friend Tim Kealy from Connecticut took some great snaps at the Red Sox v Yankees game on the weekend. Check them out here. The below is my favourite though, for obvious reasons!

Check out what the guy on stilts is holding?! Isn't that cool?

Hughes beaten up in debut
This Yanks can't catch a break eh? Their shining pitching prospect Philip Hughes had a rough first start last night against the Blue Jays. Possibly more of note, kind of scary to see AJ Burnett pitch so well!

Sports Guy on the Sox
Bill Simmons chat transcript from last week was pretty interesting. One question in particular brought out his thoughts on how the Sox were so far in '07.

Brodie, St. Paul: Best team in the AL? Twins? Yanks? D-Rays? Thoughts.
Bill Simmons: Boston has the most talented team (and they should, it cost $160 million)

I liked his reaction to this question too.

Shahan (New York, NY): I know it's early, but with Dice-K's lack of run support already a theme, are we seeing shades of Pedro's 2003 campaign? (187 IP, 29 GS, 2.22 ERA, 3 CG, 14-4 record due to lack of runs and bullpen featuring Scott "I guess I'm the closer" Williamson.)

Bill Simmons: I'm not worried -- Manny always starts out slow if it's cold out, once he starts hitting, the whole offense will take off. Although Coco Crisp is almost a Section 8 at this point. I was talking to Hench yesterday and Hench said, "Coco had two bunt singles and a sac fly, maybe that will get him going" and I said, "Wait, do you realize how pathetic that just sounded? We're hoping two bunt singles and a sac fly will get our center fielder going?" What a disaster.

..wonder how he feels about the center fielders output last night? That was some drive, into the wind, by Big Wily Mo Pena.

5,000th visitor
Should get my 5,000th unique visitor today. Thanks to everyone who drops by to read. If you stop by and see that you are the 5000th viewer (little counter just above the blog archive top right there) drop me a line and let me know!

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