Black Red Sox caps are cool

Billy Costigan/Leonardo DiCaprio's Red Sox cap in 'The Departed'

I liked 'The Departed', although that was always going to be a possibility, considering the cast, the story, the location and even the soundtrack. Just a class act of a movie. The movie has many Boston references, and several Red Sox references of note throughout. None are more obvious than the stylish black Red Sox cap Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Billy Costigan, wears almost completely through out the movie.

''Are you ever going to take that thing off?''

Well, believe it or not, I get more mails and comments about that damn hat than anything else! So I thought I would put it to bed for good and suggest where people might get it. I remember seeing it at the Red Sox shop beside Fenway years ago, so I checked online. No sign of it anymore on the

After a little digging I managed to find it, at Lids online store. So, if you want the same Red Sox hat as Billy Costigan in 'The Departed', well, now you know where to go!



Cranberry Juice said…
First off Jack,good work but these pics aren't right. I have the Departed on DVD and the hat has the black B with white outline. I don't know where you got these pics.
Also the only one similar that's available is from New Era which has the mlb logo and the New Era logo in white also. The hat in the movie did not have any markings other that the B.
Furthermore, the underside of Billy's hat was light grey and the new era is black. So, where do we find this hat?