Monday, April 09, 2007

Game six thoughts - 6 down 156 to go
Just a few random thoughts on last nights invigorating win over the Rangers.

Boston 3 Texas 2

Papelbon points the way home

So, Schilling pitched well overall, I can think of a few people that owe the big starter an apology. His strong start just showed that it is way too early to form a solid opinion on anything, good or bad, in the majors as yet. The body of work just isn't great enough.

Having said that, super night for the Big Schill. With just that cheap little home run for Cattalanatto, Curt gave the Sox 7 very strong innings. He was throwing his splitter aggressively on the outside corner and getting ugly looking swings. One small minus is that he doesn't look too confident in his curve as yet.

So, hey, JD Drew is fast, eh? Blalock looked stunned to see Drew beat out a hard hit ball to third. JD absolutely flew down the line to easily beat the throw on what should have been a bang-bang play. I had heard he had wheels but didn't realise he had that level of pure speed.

Not very happy to see Papelbon having to come in early - I thought this wasn't supposed to happen? However, what a dominating effort by the closer. ESPN's crack team of commentators used the phrase 'Exploding fastball' three times. It was a pretty explosive fastball though, in their defence.

Great to see Big Pappi get 'on the board' in a big way. His two home runs were absolutely crushed. Poor Manny though, he hit the ball hard three times following Ortiz and got nothing for his efforts. He had a hit taken away from him in the first by a nice running catch and then slammed the ball twice to the warning track only to have Kenny Lofton (what age is that guy, 73?) track them down for nice catches both times.

Eventually, those will start to drop in for hits. This team is still gelling, finding its feet and shaping itself into a potential monster. 3-3 is fine with me, watching this team grow into itself. Beckett then the rookie next, in what should be two great games to open business at Fenway for 2007.


John said...

I agree re: Papelbon -- a 2 inning save already?? The Red Sox sure do a lot of double speak about Papelbon's shoulder.

Cormac said...

It seemed like an odd choice to me on the night, as it did two things.

It basically showed, or at least suggested, Tito has no confidence in the pen. It also, as you said, went against everything that has been said about protecting Papelbon's long term future.

Keith Foulke used to specialise in the two inning save, and then his body basically broke down after the Sox ran him into the ground in '04. Surely we don't want that happening with Papelbon?

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