Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jose Guillen - Not a genius

Jose 'Hold me back guys' Guillen

Oh Jose, when will you ever learn? Banished from the Angels in '04 for bad mouthing his team mates and manager, Jose Guillen is at it again in Seattle. In last nights ugly loss to Boston, Guillen struck out feebly on three pitches to Sox pitcher Brendan Donnelly.

Then Guillen took exception to, well, even he doesn't know what he took exception to

"When I was walking to the dugout, I saw him staring at me and I just don't like that. I know he was saying something. He was staring at me. I don't like whatever he's saying.''

Okay, so 'he was saying something' and that caused you to start wagging your bat in inane fashion? Guillen, agged twelve, also had this to say.

"If he wants to take care of this problem, our clubhouses are pretty close, so he can have one of the batboys come get me outside and we can take care of this as men. That's it. That's all I have to say."

Well, Jose, I have met Brendan Donnelly, and he is a big kid. Put it this way, he's about two or three divisions ahead of you Chief, so if you do one smart thing today let it be sending a six pack and an apology to the Sox clubhouse. Completely out of your league, champ.

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