MLB Awards night in Dublin, Ireland
Predictions by the bucket

Sorry, Dad, (Ireland's biggest Detroit Tigers fan by a long distance) Detroit aren't repeating. Not in my book anyway. They did well to get as far as the World Series but then basically evaporated into thin air in the face of the worst NL entrant in living memory (before I get angry Cards fans responding to this, I mean their record, which was horrendously mediocre).

If gambling was legal in the States (which *nudge* of course *wink* it's not *nudge*), honestly, would you actually risk real money on that team after that performance in the World Series? What happens if they manage to fight their way through the AL only to find a better-than-.500 opponent in the World Series with, imagine this, superior pitchers than Jeff Weaver? Detroit? No thanks. I'll pass.

So, who is going to win what in 2007? Glad you asked! Should be fun looking back on this at the All Star break and then in October and gasping, 'I picked them? really?'

  • AL MVP: 'Big Bad' Vlad Guerrero, Angels (Greatest nickname in sports right now?)
  • NL MVP: Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies (Love watching this kid hit)
  • AL Cy Young: Josh Beckett, Red Sox (Red Sox Nation unhappy with 16 wins; how does 21 sound?)
  • NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy, San Diego (Ready to shine)
  • AL Rookie of the Year: Daisuke Matsuzaka, Red Sox (There's no opposition if he is 40% as good as advertised)
  • NL Rookie of the Year: Troy Tulowitski, Rockies (Won the starting job unexpectedly and ready to be a big star)
  • Division winners: Red Sox, Indians, Angels, NY Mets, Brewers, Dodgers
  • AL Wild Card: Detroit Tigers
  • NL Wild Card: Florida Marlins (Yes, those Florida Marlins!)
  • Division series: Red Sox over Indians; Angels over Tigers
  • Marlins over Mets; Dodgers over Brewers
  • LCS: Red Sox over Angels; Dodgers over Marlins
  • World Series: Boston Red Sox over Dodgers (Grady Little leaves Derek Lowe in an inning too long in a pivotal game five matchup..)


Tim said…
Grady leaves a pitcher in the game too long...come on, what gives you that idea? How about JB's control last night. He looked great!!! It was also nice to see some bats come alive! Tim
Cormac said…
Apparently Grady is hearing it from the LA media in regards leaving guys in too long, Schmidt this time.

Must simply be in his blood..