Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mr April

Let's do it. Let's give the guy the kudos and the award he deserves. For those of you reading in Europe, the Yanks used to have a guy called Reggie Jackson. A good player, he would turn into an absolute animal come the playoffs, come October.

A-Rod's last three playoff averages? .071, .133 and .258. Just saying, that's all..

One of the most fearsome and clutch hitters in the baseball history, Reggie Jackson hit a whopping 563 home runs and won the AL MVP award in 1973. Jackson saved his best for the postseason, hitting 10 home runs in 27 World Series games, including three in a row in a legendary 1977 Game Six performance against the Los Angeles Dodgers. His postseason success earned him the nickname "Mr. October."

Red Sox fans more recently have, admittedly somewhat goofily, dubbed Big Papi, David Ortiz, 'Senor October', in honour of his terrific post-season heroics.

So now we come to Alex Rodriguez, who is absolutely killing the ball right now. He is off to a terrific start and last night against Boston did what he does best, bashed a couple of home runs and then lined out with Abreu on second to basically kill any chance of a Yankee rally.

This, April, is A-Rod's 'time to shine'. No one puts up better April numbers than A-Fraud. So let's hear it for the boy, who shall from now on, in this blog, be known by his proper title. Alex 'Mr April' Rodriguez.

Keep doing what you do best, Mr April.

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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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