The Pavano era begins

So, quick question for you Yankee fans out there. How's having Carl Pavano as your opening day starter working out for you? Good, I hope?

5thE Dukes homered to center.23
5thC Crawford singled to right, B Upton scored, C Crawford to second on throwing error by first baseman J Phelps.33
5thR Baldelli singled to left, C Crawford scored.43

You never know, maybe the Yankees come back and win this one (quite possible with Pavano gone!) but those outfield arms, oh my. That is one ferociously weak collection of outfield arms. Watching those D-Rays sprinting around third and heading for home, I had to wonder, how many runs are the Yankees going to give up thanks to that weakness? Following on from that, how many close games are they going to lose because of that?

Then again, that might not be an issue for a team with Carl Pavano as their opening day starter. Boy oh boy. I love this game!


Cormac said…
Yeah, yeah I know I know, they won! I did however say they might come back and win. My main point was, Pavano bad, outfield arms very bad!