snap, snap
a couple of snaps from Sunday's games
(click on them for larger, snazzy versions)

'B' team captain Lorcan Sherlock discusses tactics with Irish League rookie Jim Purcell. Lorcan looks stressed.

Eric 'Vegas' Valkys checks the line on the Hurricanes game before calling the boys at Paddy power

If you would like to get involved with Baseball Ireland at any level, Adult or Youth, or would like to support the game in Ireland, please refer to this link.

Another link of interest - the 2007 Irish League preview


Anonymous said…
Hey, uh, whatever happened to the Wolves, Panthers, Giants, Dukes, etc.?
Cormac said…
Okay....*deep breath* - the Wolves have joined forces with the Northstars, the Panthers ran out of players basically and joined with the Blacksox primarily, the Giants became the Twins and the Dukes? The Dukes existed in '97, and '97 only. In '98 all teams were disbanded and the Irish League we know and love today was created.
Anonymous said…
AH Ok. I'm a new to this.