Barry Bonds, cheat.

Okay so Mr Curt Schilling doesn't get to say this, however I do. Barry Bonds is a cheat. He has admitted, in the past, to using performance enhancing substances, and is a cheat. There is no grey area. This man has appeared in documentation of a legal nature linked to the BALCO scandal. There is no two sides to this story, the man cheated, got away with it, and is now on the verge of history.

Look at that noggin' grow!

Curt Schilling essentially did what most other players are afraid to do, and that is speak openly about another current player. Obviously he then realised he was going 'outside the box' and apologised. Schilling originally, however, said exactly what was on allot of peoples minds.

The Emperor has no clothes folks, Barry Bonds is a cheat. In a perfect world every single pitcher he faces in the next few weeks will just plunk him, hit him right in his fat, steroid ridden backside and put him on base so he doesn't get to swing the bat. The man failed an amphetamines test in 2006! Most of us fail that, we lose our jobs or go to jail. Barry Bonds does it, and ESPN gives him his own reality show.

The massive irony here is that right now it appears Bonds is on a pace to hit the historic home run when the Giants travel to Fenway park later this month. How juicy is that? Imagine Bonds being one home run away from tying or going ahead of Hank Arron and Schilling being on the mound?

There is another added element to Bonds coming to Boston which should have the natives in their best form vocally on the nights he patrols right field. The Bleacher Creatures should have a good time with chants of 'HGH! HGH!' and the Giambi call, 'Steeeeeeeeeeroids....steeeeeroids'. Personally I like the old 'Baaaaaaaaaary...Baaaaaaaaaaaaaary.' It's both annoying and derisive. Anyway, the added element is that not long ago Bonds ripped into Boston as being a 'racist' city. Classy stuff from the Steroid built monster known as Bonds. Generalising an entire City as being racist. In 2004 he said he would not come to Boston, ever, to play. Why? "Boston is too racist for me,'' he said. "I couldn't play there.''. How did Barry arrive at that decision? From research, or first hand experience? "Only (from) what guys have said" he announced, arrogantly.

Imagine Curt Schilling made such a racially charged statement? At the time, when told of Bond's remarks, the great Pedro Martinez laughed and said he had thoroughly enjoyed his seven seasons (to that point) in Boston and had found nothing of the sort that Barry was suggesting.

On top of all that, he's a liar! On February 19, 2006, Bonds announced in an interview with USA Today that he planned on retiring at the conclusion of the 2006 season, with or without the all-time home run record. "I've never cared about records anyway", he said, "so what difference does it make?''

On top of all that, he's just a jerk. Curt Schilling isn't allowed say it but I am. He's a jerk. Bonds withdrew from the MLB Players Association's (MLBPA) licensing agreement because he felt independent marketing deals would be more lucrative for him. That's why Barry Bonds is replaced by "Jon Dowd" in MVP Baseball 2005, "Wes Mailman" in All-Star Baseball 2005, "Joe Young" in MLB 2K7,and "Reggie Stocker" in MLB. He's the only player in the entire Majors to act in this manner.

The man was voted off his own college team because his own teammates couldn't stand him. During his three years at Arizona State University Bonds was voted off the team by a 22-2 margin by teammates. The vote came after head coach Jim Brock had suspended Bonds for violating multiple team rules. ASU coach Jim Brock initiated the vote in the expectation that the team would vote to keep Bonds; when they did not, he overruled them. He's a jerk now, he was, apparently, a jerk then.

Whenever he opens his fat mouth what follows is invariably offensive;

"I ain't never played baseball for fame. I just play to play. I ain't never liked fame. I don't need that [expletive]. I don't need fame.'

That of course, Barry, is why you were the subject of that ridiculous, pathetic ESPN 'documentary/reality show' based on your life last summer, right? Because you shun the limelight to such a great extent?

I hope the Fenway crowd doesn't hold back when Bonds comes to the plate. He brought this all on himself, he deserves every single 'boo' and derogatory comment that is thrown his way. What worries me is what might happen in the media if Fenway does, as I hope, go nuts. Assuming that happens, how long before some idiot writes an article about Boston being a racist city?

If some clown does resort to that, at least they will look completely stupid. Boston, and many other major US cities, certainly have the painful and difficult transition from the 50's and 60's to get through, however it has been home to a racially diverse group of professional athletes for a long time now.

Times change, and if anyone decides to take the easy way out, and call Boston a racist City in the next few weeks while the Fenway crowd unloads verbally on Bonds, well they are simply pandering to a disgusting, egotistical, introverted and vile cheat, who doesn't deserve to wear Henry Aaron's jockstrap let alone break his home run record.


Papi's Fat Head said…
I can't believe I find myself agreeing with you! I have been giving a similar opinion on balco barry to anyone who will listen for about 18 months! Basically my view is that every single pitcher and manager in the league has a chance to stop this cheat from breaking the most hallowed of records- take the bat out of his hands for crying out loud! bases loaded and no outs? walk him. leading 10-0 bases empty? walk him. Walk him and walk him some more, better still bean him and bean him some more, just do what it takes to protect the honest record from this disgraceful human being.
Cormac said…
''Basically my view is that every single pitcher and manager in the league has a chance to stop this cheat from breaking the most hallowed of records''

spot on..