Let's have a look at the standings!
Checking in on the AL East standings

2007 American League Standings




Tampa Bay2128.42913.513-148-14230294

NY Yankees2128.42913.512-139-15256236


shannon said…
Youklis just hit an in the park home run. The last Red Sox to do that was Trot Nixon, against NY which is just sweet. I live in western NY state, where it legal ,but barely tolerated, to be a Sox fan, and have to watch most games online. I think Youklis may have puked up a lung it looks like but I am certain it was worth it. Schilling has his slider working and it's nasty, they have gotten 7 good innings and 10 Ks from him I believe .
When the Sox play NY it's always on the Yankees' channel YES. Which is good because then I can see it but I have to listen to Michael Kay and whatever slavering fool they pair him with for that series. They spend most of their time maligning the Red Sox, especially Lugo and Crisp. Then it's like clockwork, either one of them will do exactly what Kay has pronounced them incapable of doing, and he just huffs himself right by it. Depending on my mood it can be entertaining in its obnoxiousness.
Crisp has improved and he is becoming a gem. I have been a fan since 1979, when I was 9. I must admit this lead is a little worry making, it is too good you know? It has been such a joy to truly revel in what it means to be a Boston fan the last couple of years but it doesn't quite fit well yet I guess.
I like your blog, if it weren't for the Irish and the Germans we Americans would not have baseball.
Cormac said…
''I must admit this lead is a little worry making, it is too good you know?''

My advice - just let go, go with the flow, enjoy the '07 team for what it is and forget the past, forget Bucky **** Dent, don't read Curly Haired Boyfriend. This is a new type of Red Sox team. Just enjoy it, and don't worry about a thing. Lugo, Tek, Beckett, Schill, Pedroia, Paps, Manny and Big Papi have your back. Leave the worrying up to them!
John said…