Friday, May 04, 2007

Rich Harden, anyone?

Top of the morning to ya. This report doing the rounds scared the bejesus out of me, beggorah.

''The Oakland Athletics have made at least one phone call recently to gauge interest in right-hander Rich Harden, that being to the Boston Red Sox, according to one source.''

Rich Harden? The same Rich Harden who has spent more time on the DL than Carl Pavano, and that's saying something. I feel like I have some extra insight into this having been suckered into selecting Harden the last couple of years on my fantasy baseball teams. Thankfully I saw the light this season and didn't fall for it. If I had it would have been like Bart continuously touching that cupcake Lisa rigged with the electric cable. Not a good idea.

The wikipedia entry for Harden tells you all you need to know about why the Sox should not be moving for this kid. In 2005 Harden was sidelined with an oblique injury and missed more than a month (May 14-June 21) due to it. Harden was then sidelined from August 19th to September 25th with an injure right shoulder. 2006 he spent two lengthy stints adding up to basically the entire season on the DL. 2007? Same old story. Rich 'Disabled list' Harden heads to his home on the DL April 23rd.

I assume no one in the Sox front office is actually considering even the slightest glimmer of a possibility of trading for this guy? The Sox forum I frequent, the .406 Club, talked this over last night. Basically only one guy, and he looks like Chewbacca in his profile picture so much so that he may actually be a Wookie, thought it was a good idea. The user was the same guy that said it was the A's training/conditioning staff that was to blame, not Harden. He should get a job with the Yankees PR department, with comments like that.

''Harden's inability to stay healthy has reached red alert stage.''
Teddy Ballgame MVP - .406 Club

Everyone else, including the .406 Clubs moderator 'Teddy Ballgame MVP' ran screaming from even the concept of trading for the guy. Teddy BG actually likened it to making a trade for Mark Prior or Kerry Wood, the Cubs oft-injured pitchers.

Rich Harden? No offence to that guy, but hopefully the Sox front office doesn't make like Bart and try and take that cupcake.

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