Roger Clemens signs for the Yankees

Well, it's official, Clemens is going to be stretching pinstripes pants again. While watching the Red Sox on NESN, Gerry Remy and Don Orsillo announced that the Yankees have said they have managed to talk Clemens into playing for them for the rest of the season.

That's pretty big news for the Yanks with Torre intimating that Pavano might be out for the season. I sent text messages to my friends a Hurricane team mates upon hearing the news. Steve Divito wrote back;

''Wow, Andy Pettitte must have allot of influence over Clemens.''

True, however those dollar signs also have plenty of influence over the big lug

Garrett Pearse wrote back;

'He'll do his groin in within three weeks''

This adds a whole new dimension to the 2007 season, Clemen's first start in Fenway is going to be an absolute carnival. Frankly I am glad he is going to be 'one of them' and not one of us. The current Sox rotation is superb and with Tavarez pitching great and Lester on the horizon, no need for the Red Sox to panic and sign some old mercenary in a panic move. That's basically what happened in New York today.


Tim said…
I am also glad! I don't think even he can help their sinking ship this year. I think it will be yet another example of Yankee overspending and underachieving. GO SOX !!!!!