Dodgers move Garciaparra to third

Old friend Nomar Garciaparra is on the move again. The Dodgers, or, 'Red Sox West' as I like to call them, have decided to push Nomar over to the left side of the infield for a variety of reasons. Primarily the fact that young stud first baseman James Loney, who gave them a spark at the end of 2006 when he came up during the September call-ups, is batting .429 since June 10th. In short, they need to find a place for the kid.

To Nomar's credit, he has welcomed the move, no veteran whining or complaining from his corner at all. Isn't it crazy that Garciaparra is now an eleven year veteran? It seems like only yesterday he was knocking in 10 runs against Seattle or making those amazing plays deep in the hole at short.

The move makes the Dodgers a pretty interesting proposition. It upgrades them dramatically in the infield whilst their pitching is second to none in the National League. Imagine a World Series between these guys and the Red Sox? Talk about a boatload of side stories. Dan Shaughnessy's head would simply explode. Good luck to Nomar in his new role.


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Dave said…
I have always liked Nomar. Even though I knew mentally that the trade we made was the right thing to do, emotionally it hurt. It was like cutting a foot off to save the body.