Ireland v USA - Round one - the weather

The vast majority of my readers are Irish-American and a question that often pops up over email is 'So what's it like living in Ireland?'. Well, I am here to serve you, and having spent time in both Ireland and the States I feel qualified to play the two off each other in a series of pieces on exactly where is it better to live, Ireland or the States.

First stop, the weather.

Just another rainy day in Ireland

So let's explode a few myths right off the bat. Irish weather not only blows, it also sucks. It both sucks and blows at the same time. It is horrendous. It's not quaint, it's not 'soft' and the weather in Ireland is not 'romantic'. It blows. Period.

Irish people are eternal optimists, and continue to console themselves with 'well, it is only June, it's bound to get better' - it's never getting better! Ever! It has sucked since I was five, it still sucks thirty years later!

Actually, you know what, it's not that bad. It's worse. It has been raining now for about ten days straight. It rained this morning, it rained all afternoon and it is raining right now. This is not good weather, unless you are either a fish, masochistic or some kind of aqua man type superhero. This weather is worse than Julio Lugo's batting average.

There really is not redeeming factor when it comes to Irish weather. It is particularly bad for the purposes of playing baseball games. Rain and baseball do not mix well.

The thing about the States is, the weather is largely predictable. In Boston, the winter will be ice cold, the summer will have beautiful sunny spells with occasional summer showers. I loved the climate in San Francisco. The cool sea breeze and the sunshine, lovely mix. Ireland? Rain, rain and more damn rain. Seriously. It is June 22nd and the weather is disgusting!!

I welcome the ice caps melting, at least then the rain will seem like nothing but a minor irritant! Round one of USA v Ireland goes unanimously to the States, by a whopping first round knockout too.


shannon said…
On opening day for the Red Wings, our Twins' farm team, it was 30 degrees out. Here in Rochester there are 2 sorts of weather only, winter and 95 degree heat. In the same week you can see a 30 degree weather game and then an 80 degree day at the end of it. It's amazing guys don't get hurt more often. We are experiencing a semi-drought currently but ball is being played.