Irish Baseball League roundup
Weekend of June 2nd and 3rd

First of all - our thoughts turn to Ann Murphy, she who has done so much to get Irish Baseball on the map, including helping forging a great relationship with the O'Malley family in the States. Ann Murphy's father passed away at 11:00 Friday night, 1st June. He was 95. Ann was with him when he died in hospital.

Secondly, get well soon to those Belfast Northstars who were hurt in a car crash Sunday night on their way home from a postponed game in Dublin. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt as they were all wearing their seatbelts. Thank whoever you believe in for that.

Finally, on to the league news from the weekend just past. It was, to say the least, a messy weekend in Irish baseball.

The proposed fixtures were;
  • 'A' League - Spartans v Twins
  • Friendly - Blacksox v Limerick
  • 'A' League - Greystones v Belfast Northstars

Neither A League game happened. The Twins could not field a team and the Spartans were given a walk-over and the Greystones v Belfast game was a victim of the poor weather on Sunday. The friendly did go ahead. Apparently the Limerick team were enthusiastic and showed some skills, hopefully they can put them to use next season in the league itself as an 'expansion' team of sorts!


If you would like to get involved with Baseball Ireland at any level, Adult or Youth, or would like to support the game in Ireland, please refer to this link.