Pardon me boys, is that the Chattanooga Cuckoo?
Atlanta Braves AA manager goes a little Loco.

This has a chance to be one of the all time great youtube sports clips. Definitely top 10 anyway, at least. Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman had a night to remember Friday June 1st. In the final game of a five game series against Chattanooga, on a hot, muggy night, Wellman, well, he lost the plot a little. Check it out.

David Uchiyama of the Chattanooga Free Press describes my favourite part of the outburst as such;

''Wellman crawled up the mound on his elbows and knees and flung the rosin bag toward the plate as if it were a grenade. He went back to second base, pulled it from the ground, grabbed third base and headed toward the clubhouse.''

The whole outburst was brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed, kudos Mr Wellman!


You have to wonder if that manager, 20 seconds into that, thought: "screw it, I'm getting kicked out anyway, why not put on a show?". He was probably back on the bench the next night. Heck, I bet stuff like that in encouraged below AAA.
Dave said…
I think my all-time favorite minor-league clip is still Izzy Alcantara karate-kicking the catcher before rushing the mound. But this one is a close second.
blacksoxfan said…
Everyone lost it yesterday. This Guy, Piniella, Leyland, and couple other minor league managers. A Northern Manager was thrown out on the first batter of the first inning.