Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ooooh baby..

So, for the rest of the 2007 season, if the Boston Red Sox have a lead in a game, they can go Okajima, Gagne and Papelbon. Holy mackrel. Delcarmen and Timlin, who could setup/close for the Royals (Sorry Rich!), are now basically mop up men. That's incredible.

Unbelievable pick up for Boston while managing to hold on to basically all their prized prospects. ESPN are reporting that Boston have landed (Hall of fame?) former Dodgers and Rangers closer Eric Gagne.

Okajima, Gagne, Papelbon, goodnight..

Boston are sending pitcher Kason Gabbard and minor leaguers Engel Beltre and David Murphy to the Rangers. Gabbard is a tough loss, but one with a silver lining, Jon Lester is now here to stay and here to develop a shining potential. David Murphy was expendable because of the super duper rising star that is Jacob Ellsbury.

The Boston Globe has it all summed up pretty well, with their current headline, ''What a day for Boston sports''. Check out the 'joy of Sox's nifty pitcher stats comparison of Boston's suddenly super-duper-level elite bullpen. Oh vey!

First thing I thought when I saw the deal was real, what an incredible pitching staff, starters and 'Pen, come September. That's a spicy meatball.


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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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