Prague 2007 - We're baaaaaaaaaaack


The weekend of Saturday 30th June to Sunday 1st July the Dublin Hurricanes represented Irish club baseball at the Tempo Titans annual invitational club tournament in Prague. There were several club teams from the Czech Republic, a touring club from the USA and the Hurricanes in attendance. The Hurricanes showed just how far Irish club ball has come by going 2-1, only losing to the eventual tournament winners, Sabatt Praha, by a single run.

On Sunday, in the third place playoff, the Hurricanes overcame the host Tempo Titans in probably the best game of the tournament. Woody Woodburne scored on a single by Eoin O'Connor in the 9th inning as the game went two extra innings with the teams tied after the allotted time.

The highlight of the Hurricanes tournament? Undoubtedly Rafael Diaz's amazing opposite field three run home run in the game against Sabatt Praha. The Hurricanes also beat the Czech side Aligátoři Znojmo on the Saturday, 15-3.

The Tempo Titans and the Dublin Hurricanes after their wildly exciting third place playoff game on Sunday

The Dublin Hurricanes took part this weekend just past in the annual Tempo Titans international club tournament, in Prague. There were several clubs from the Czech Republic, one from the USA and the Hurricanes from Ireland taking part in the tournament.

Over the coming days 'I didn't know there was..' will be bringing reports, pictures and stories from the trip, broken down into various sections. So little time, so very much to report.

First off the bat today, the tournament background.

The Tempo Titans are a club side in Prague, the Czech Republic. One of their players, Radek Prochazka, played for several seasons in Ireland with the Dublin Hurricanes. In 2006 he brought the Hurricanes home to his former club (The Titans) invitational tournament. You can read all about that trip here.

The Hurricanes are, to date, the only Irish Club side to participate in European competition. They have played in the following;
  • 2003 European Pool B Club Championships - Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2005 Croydon Pirates invitational tournament - London, UK
  • 2006 The Tempo Titans club tournament
  • 2007 The Tempo Titans club tournament
The Hurricanes, by finishing third in this years tournament, have automatically qualified for next years event, plus another club tournament in the Czech Republic. The 'Canes have hopefully not only shown other European baseball clubs that Irish club baseball is a legitimate force, but they have also 'spread the word' to potential new 'friends of Irish baseball', such as the American side that played this weekend, the 'Foreign Devils'.

The 'Devils' were an extremely friendly bunch of chaps and the 'Canes got a good rapport going with them. The Czech clubs were also, as usual, great fun and the Tempo Titans once again proved themselves to be the consummate hosts.

Buckets more to come, including the game reports, notes on Prague, love letters to the makers of Advil, photo galleries, snapshots of the 'Canes travelling squad and lots, lots more on Rafael's big home run. Stay tuned all week.