Monday, July 16, 2007


You have to wonder sometimes where people come up with these 'trade rumours', seriously. The latest ridiculous 'possibility' I have seen is the 'potential' of the Red Sox landing Braves first base/catching prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia. What a waste of journalistic energy.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a guy the Braves have brought up through their system who has hit at every stop along the way. He is ostensibly a catcher but with the excellent Brian McCann already in place the Braves have played Saltalamacchia at first base in order to get him some at bats.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Even trying to understand this 'rumour' is a waste of valuable time and energy. If the Sox pay bank to get this much coveted player (the Braves would require 3 or 4 top prospects, say bye bye to Bucholz for example) what on earth do they do with him then? Send Varitek back to AAA? Put Youkilis in left and trade Manny?

Two things really, much as the Sox would love to have a young, solid catcher to fall back on, he is ready to play right now but the Sox don't really have anywhere to put him. Secondly, why on earth would the Braves let this guy go?!

Honestly, what a load of rubbish. Funniest part is, where did the rumour come from? None other than your Boston Globe.

I am going to start reading the National Enquirer.

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Dave said...

What makes this idea even more ridiculous (as if trading Buchholz for a catcher wasn't stupid enough) is that the Sox have some good prospects at the position already. Mark Wagner is having a good season in Lancaster, and he grades out as a reliable MLB starter. He could be up in Portland next year and hit the bigs in 2009.

At worst we would ditch Mirabelli and bring in a one-year stop-gap backup.

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