Monday, July 30, 2007

The search for the 17th banner

Maybe I am going to have to start a 'Celtics' label on this lark.

Pretty exciting news with the Herald amongst others reporting that the Boston Celtics have managed to pry gigantic all star Kevin Garnett from Minnesota for Al Jefferson and several other players and draft picks. The Herald in particular seem pretty confident that the deal is done.

The Globe is covering the breaking news heavily also. It's a shame to lose the promising Al Jefferson however this gives the Celtics an incredible all star trio of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. That is more than enough to take the East, although its questionable if the Celtics would have enough overall depth to take the NBA off the big teams from the West.

What's certain is the Celtics just got a whole lot more interesting for 2007/2008.

Kevin Garnett - excited to be joining Boston!


Dave said...

I hope they win it in two years, because after that the C's are going to be in the tank. Three guys costing $60 million in 2009-10 and no first round pick means no flexibility.

I like Garnett. I just don't like the future cost to the team.

Cormac said...

Yeah but, three years of those three guys ripping the East up? You aren't into that, really?

Dave said...

Oh, I'll be going to the games. But I've always been a "long-term" kind of guy. So I can't help but look at what's coming. Plus, I know that even if we dominate the East, you have to get through San Antonio or Phoenix.

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