Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Curly Haired Boyfriend hits the nail on the head

Say what you want about the chap, and I sure have in the past, but Dan Shaughnessy has pretty much hit the nail full on smack on the middle of it's shiny metal head today in the Globe. The whole drama of the last couple of days and it's implications on the Boston sports scene didn't really sink in for me until I perused the list of 'A+ list stars' in Shaughnessy's list.

He writes;

''We are the town with Manny Ramírez, Tom Brady, Kevin Garnett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Randy Moss, Ray Allen, Curt Schilling, Bill Belichick, Paul Pierce, David Ortiz, Adalius Thomas, Jonathan Papelbon, Tedy Bruschi, Josh Beckett, Rodney Harrison, Jason Varitek, Richard Seymour, and Eric Gagne. We have reasonable expectations of a World Series, a Super Bowl, and the NBA Finals. There never has been a better time to be a sports fan in Boston.''

Damn straight. Could not have put it any better myself.

Title town?



Dave said...

The only season that was as good in potential was 1986, when we had the Sox, Patriots and Celtics all in their respective finals. Of course, only the Celtics won.

Hopefully, things will be different this time and we get the 3-fer.

Anonymous said...

how much more fun could anyone ask for....but lets remember belichick's mantra we still got to go out and win them but this will make it much more fun and yeah i smell titles in our future

Cormac said...

Sports Karma is a great leveller, Boston has the players in place now to make three serious runs at three titles, but all the hard work, blood sweat and tears is ahead.

There's a question actually, as a BSF (Boston Sports Fan) how many titles would you be happy with? 1? 2? 3?

Dave said...

I think if even one of your teams gets the brass ring, you have to be pleased overall. I think we have a real shot at two (Sox and Pats). So it's like 2004 again. For me, that was my best "fan year" ever; not only did the Sox and Pats win but my alma mater (UConn) won the college basketball championship.

Cormac said...

I would agree that 2 out of 3 would look most likely, but you never know with the Celtics, if they did make it to the finals, as Miami showed all it takes is one player (Pierce!!) catching fire at the right time.

2004 was above decent, definitely

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