Thursday, August 02, 2007

Iraq/Japan - how to tell them apart..

This is for the the boys in the Oakland Athletics front office. Came across this interesting little snippet in the Globe today;

''The Oakland Athletics, who were supposed to go to Japan in 2003 but did not because of the war in Iraq........''

I would honestly have figured Billy Beane (Oakland GM) as one of those guys who, well, who could tell say, Japan and Iraq apart. Apparently not. It's actually fairly simple, as indicated by this handy 'cheat sheet' below.

As you can see they look nothing alike, and, apparently, they actually speak completely different languages, have a different currency and even look different in general as a populace.

Hopefully this little information posting can help avoid further confusion in future. Iraq. Japan. Two entirely different countries. Who knew, eh?


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The Moderator said...

How do you expect American's to tell Iraq and Japan apart, 55% of New York High School students can't find Africa on a map! Sad.

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