Thursday, August 23, 2007

Irish-sounding names

Irish names, English names, German names. It can all get a bit confusing. Add in a movie star, a Hall of Fame bound quarterback and a new baby boy and the 'sitch' gets particularly funky. This from today's Boston Herald

''New England Patriots new daddy Tom Brady followed his preannounced game plan and was in Santa Monica at his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan’s side when she gave birth to his son yesterday - No details were available on the baby’s name or weight, but sources told us Tom and Bridget are leaning towards “an Irish-sounding name” because they both have green genes. “The current frontrunner is William,” ''
Boston Herald

Hang on a short second there, William is now "an Irish-sounding name"? Well that's news to me. I don't want to be the guy who throws the spanner in the works but the name William is about as Irish as Yorkshire Pudding, Vladimir Putin or the Maori Haka.

Take the wikipedia description of the name.

''William is a popular proper name of old Germanic origin. The English "William" is taken from the Anglo-Norman language and was transmitted to England after the Norman Conquest in the 11th century, and soon became the most popular name in England''

I am a solutions oriented kind of guy. What exactly is a good ''Irish-sounding name" in this day and age? Well, you may as well just call the kid 'Cliché' instead of Padraig. Using Shannon (yup, Shannon is a both-ways name) might not work seeing as the mother and father aren't called Victoria and David. Try calling him Proinnsias and he will get beaten up allot, QB Daddy or not. So what are some suitable Irish sounding names to bestow on the little fella, without being boring or getting the little guy bullied? Here's a few suggestions.

Árdal - (OGer) "eagle power"; version of Arnold; Irish anglicized also can be Gaelic name Ard(gh)al, from ard "high" or art "bear" + gal "valour." Famous Árdal ? No problem. Árdal O'Hanlon, the hilarious Irish comedian.
Bearnárd - (BEHR-nard)(OGer) "having the courage of a bear." Bearnárd Brady has a pretty decent ring to it, no?
Brendan - (Gael) "raven." Okay maybe this wouldn't work unless Brady was traded to Baltimore however it does sound good, you have to admit, Brendan Brady? Famous Brendans? The massively talented and massively underrated Irish actor Brendan Gleeson.
Brody - "man from the muddy place, ditch." Brody Brady anyone? Football fields get pretty muddy on occasion.

'How about Brody?' - 'Um, have you got concussion?'

Dáithí - (DAH-hee) "swiftness, nimbleness." Maybe not ridiculously suitable seeing as Brady himself is deceptively slow. Line Bledsoe, Brady and Wilfork up for a 100 yard dash and who do you put your cash on?
Dónal - (DON-al or DOH-nal)(Celt) from domun "world" + gal "ardor" or "valor"; "world-mighty." As in, 'My Daddy won three superbowls to date and is pretty World mighty, so they called me Dónal'
Fiachra - (FEE-uh-khruh) "battle-king" or "eagle." Again, might take a trade to Philly for Daddy for this one to work, but it's a great name, and ferociously Irish.
Grady - (Gael) from a word meaning "noble" or "illustrious." I swear I am not making this stuff up. Grady Brady. Words can not express. Grady Brady.
Ruaidhri - (RWE-e-ree)(Teut) "famous ruler"; from Teutonic Roderick. Teutonic eh? Nifty. Famous Ruaidhri? No problem, the fantastic former Irish baseball team catcher Ruaidhri Murphy.
Saoirse - "freedom" or "liberty"; male or female name. Patriots. Freedon. Liberty. Saoirse fits the regional bill pretty well. Kinda metrosexual though.
Séamas - (SHAY-muhs or SHEE-a-mus) from James (H); "the supplanter, one who supplants." Kind of like trying to think of a good English name and calling your kid 'John Smith', but about as Irish as it gets.
Seán - (SHAWN) "God's gracious gift"; Irish= John, der. from Norman French name Jehan. If it is from the Normans then you know it's good. Famous Seán? How about Seán Mitchell, the best Irish catcher ever and one of the few Irish players to have had their numbers retired.
Torn - Irish version of Torrence. Indie, anyone? Torn Brady. Now that's pretty cool. Plus, maybe I am going too far with this, but, 'Torn'? Talk about descriptive, considering the 'sitch'.

Naturally, I saved the best until last.

Cinnéide - (kih-NEH-juh) "helmeted-head." Yes, 'helmeted head', I kid you not. Cinnéide Brady, son of Tom 'I wear a helmet to work' Brady.

It just doesn't get more perfect than that.

helmeted-head, senior



Anonymous said...

Personally I like Eoin... I wonder why!

Anonymous said...

Eoin (Irish language derivation of Seán; in Irish and Scottish Gaelic refers to the Apostle)

Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
Team Ireland at the European Championships, Croatia, 2000.

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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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