Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jacoby Ellsbury - pride of the Navajo nation

Another chance to take a peek at the potential that is Jacoby Ellsbury this weekend.

Clay Buchholz will be pitching the first game of tomorrow's doubleheader against the Angels. Ellsbury is also expected to be called up. He will likely be added to the roster for the second game of the doubleheader, taking the spot of Buchholz, who will then be sent back to Pawtucket.

You might remember Jacob from such Red Sox moments as, scoring from second base on a passed ball against the hapless Rangers on July second of this '07 season.

''..a younger, faster Johnny Damon''
NY Times

Just in case you forgot that electric moment, a little memory nudge

Jacoby is officially registered as a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes and, whilst other Native Americans have played in the majors, Jacob is the first of Navajo descent to reach that level.

The kid sounds like he really has his head screwed on right;

“I know there are a lot of Native Americans who are interested in how I’m doing, I definitely have a following and am proud of my heritage and am trying to set a good example for my community. I know there are not a lot of Native American athletes. I am trying to be a role model on and off the field.”

We are probably only going to get a glimpse of him this weekend until the September call ups however stay tuned, he is tearing it up at the Triple-A level and it is only a matter of time before he is up with the big club for good.

''He can hit, he has Gold Glove potential and he can really run. Widely acclaimed as the best prospect developed by Boston since Nomar Garciaparra, Ellsbury figures to be an important player for the Red Sox some day, and that day may not be far away.''
NY Times


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