Friday, August 31, 2007

The Red Sox answer back

What will the eventual cost of Jabba the Chamberlain's headhunting exploits last night be? We probably won't know for a while. What is rock solid is that the Sports Gods who deal in Sports Karma frown on this type of thing. Throwing a baseball at 98 mph at a fellas head is not something that sits well with the Sports Karma Gods. Sports Karma is very real! Doubt it? How about the San Diego Chargers mouthing off before their playoff game against New England last season? That didn't work out too well for them.

Still having doubts about how serious the incident was? Still on the fence? Fair enough, how about what the umpiring crew chief had to say then? Regarding Jabba the Chamberlain's throwing at Youkilis's head, not once but twice in succession;

"Those were two pretty nasty pitches the young man threw. Up here, you need to be a little better throwing strikes, and we just had to put a lid on it before there was a problem." - crew chief Derryl Cousins

If you love sports, and I know I do, you know there is a beautiful 'flow' to it. For every action in sports there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Jabba the Chamberlain hasn't only offended the Red Sox with his idiotic, dangerous actions last night he has also stirred the Sports Karma Gods, and those bastards are cruelly creative. Put it this way, don't be too shocked if Chamberlain injures his back digging into a 'Big Daddy Bucket' KFC meal in the near future.

Sports Karma aside, the Boston Red Sox certainly have noted the incident down quietly. "If that young man is trying to get our attention, he did a very good job," Red Sox skipper Tito Francona said.

"It will be interesting to see how that series plays out," Youkilis said, talking about New York's upcoming visit to Fenway Park.

Leaving the best to last, how about the Boston Red Sox hard throwing closer, Jon Papelbon's comments, let's leave it with this

"You know what happens when you wake a sleeping giant''
Jon Papelbon

Speak softly and carry a 98mph inferno-baller closer


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