Monday, August 13, 2007

Reviewing panic levels across Red Sox Nation

A quick peek across a selection of online media entities related to the Red Sox, and how they feel about the Yankees closing to within four games.

Dave's 'Coffin Corner' actually leads with ''Still Not Worried (I Keep Telling Myself)''. He makes some good points about the upcoming schedule disparity between Boston and New York, finally, it appears, the schedule might be about to even itself out.

''But I am not going to worry. The Yanks now have to deal with Baltimore, who scare the Hell out of me for 2008. And then they have the crazy Anaheim/Detroit Experience for 11 games straight. We start out with three games in Fenway against the Devil Rays.''
From Dave's 'Coffin Corner'

'Behind enemy lines' goes, well, goes a little crazy! Now that's a rant to be proud of! Sadly, kind of understandable after last night's lame loss in Baltimore. Is there anything worse than having a friend in Miami text you after midnight to gloat about his home town Orioles having taken the series all thanks to one guy? (Sorry Mr Gagne, you have to stand up and take the blame for that weekend train wreck)

'El Guapo's ghost' raises a good point, in that Boston will be meeting the Yankees at months end. Now there's a series that could be an absolute humdinger.

'The mighty Quinn' leads off with a detailed look at Gagne's brief Sox tenure to date. Needless to say the numbers are not pretty -

''Gagne has been a complete disaster. In five outings, he has struggled in each one. His Red Sox ERA is now over 15.00, in four innings. He's allowed 10 hits, and the opposition is hitting a staggering .474 against him.''
From - 'The mighty Quinn'

'The Joy of Sox' puts it very succinctly with;

''so the lead is down to four games -- still the largest advantage in any division.''
From - 'The Joy of Sox'

For me, a few things happened last night that actually give cause for optimism. Namely, Schilling and Delcarmen. Schilling looked great and was in line for the win before the Gagne melt down. Boston born and bred Manny Delcarmen looked positively electric when he came in, striking out two and reaching a blistering 97 mph pn the radar gun.

Just thinking out loud here, but if Gagne is hurt, this still leaves Boston with Okajima, Delcarmen and Papelbon. Speaking of the latter, maybe the Sox will elect to bring up the electric Clay Buchholz and either put him in the bullpen or put Lester in same and move Buchholz into the rotation. That's something along the lines of what they did with Papelbon in '05, and I believe that worked out pretty well for everyone, no?

Delcarmen - 'Don't worry, be happy'


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Dave said...

It's only a matter of time before Clay comes up. I wouldn't be surprised to see him before September callups

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