Monday, September 24, 2007

A big fat ugly question someone needs to ask eventually

Have a little peek at these excellent with-a-week-to-go statistics.

Pretty smart eh? How good would those numbers look either before or after David Ortiz in the Red Sox lineup? How good would those numbers look behind Manny Ramirez? (assuming of course he is still a Red Sox)

The player in question is tied for third in the Majors in home runs. He is a very respectable sixth in MLB in runs batted in and his slugging percentage of .608 is third in the big leagues.

Pretty incredible statistics, no?

Intangibles. He is only 29 years old, and by all accounts a top class clubhouse presence. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? Here's the kicker. The fella attended Haverhill High School in Massachusetts. As a collegiate player, he competed in the Cape Cod League, which showcases top amateur prospects every summer. He was a member of the Wareham Gatemen in 1997.

Finally, as if all that wasn't enough, he actually spent a good part of 2006 in Boston, in which time he slammed a walk off home run on September 4, 2006. The noisy, drunken elephant that you just noticed sitting in the room wearing a dunce cap and singing 'Hit me baby one more time' is the question, 'How on earth did the Boston Red Sox let Carlos Pena go?'

I like Eric Hinske, and he fills in fine when Youk is out. However, how about those above numbers that Carlos Pena has put up in 2007? Imagine those juicy statistics in the Red Sox lineup.

Somebody in the Red Sox front office dropped the ball big time letting this kid go.



Dave said...

In all fairness, the Sox weren't the only ones. The Yankees were another team that missed on him.

No one knew he could put that kind of play together. He'd never done it before.

It's like Henry going to Arsenal - can Juventus really be faulted for selling him at that point?

The Omnipotent Q said...

I wouldn't blame the Sox, Cormac. The Yankees, A's and Tigers also let him go, and Pena only made the Rays because Greg Norton got hurt at the end of spring training. He was a journeyman player who looked like he'd never make it as a full-time player, but he took advantage of the situation in Tampa this year. God bless him for that. He NEVER would have done anything like this in Boston.

Cormac said...

''He NEVER would have done anything like this in Boston.''


''in which time he slammed a walk off home run on September 4, 2006. ''

To be honest, in this era of advanced scouting, sabemetrics and what not, it is still amazing to me that this fella slipped through the cracks!

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