Monday, September 17, 2007

How not to appease the Sports Karma Gods - or - How Derek Jeter's home run was entirely my bad

Okay so basically I asked for that one. A while ago I penned a little piece suggesting maybe Derek Jeter did not deserve the weighty accolades being shone on him nightly by the sports media types who seemed to me to be falling over themselves to play sycophant. For me, Jeter may be a passable defensive shortstop in terms of Major League baseball, but the automatic Gold Glove awards and the sycophantic babble cluttering the air waves were too much.

Well, good old Sports Karma. It seeks you out no matter where you are.

I may as well have written to Jeter himself and begged him to hit that three run jack in last nights gut wrenching Red Sox 3-4 loss to the Yankees. I may as well have written it whilst stuffing some lucky shamrock and maybe a little tiny leprechaun into the envelope while I was at it. Good God almighty, he hit that thing a mile. Lesson learnt. Next time I write something about Jeter it will be about how he is slicker than Brian Fantana with the ladies.

Has that ball even landed yet?

I guess you tip your cap and move on. A 4.5 game lead is not to be sniffed at this late in the season. Plus, hey, it's Monday. What's not to like about that.


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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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