Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh for God sake, Mr McAdam

Well, here's a good example of what's wrong with contemporary sports journalism. Regarding the battle for the AL East, Sean McAdam writes;

''The talk that they are creating an unwanted sequel to 1978 has grown from background chatter to white noise they can't completely tune out.''

Quick little note to Mr McAdam, ESPN writer. The '78 Red Sox collapsed down the stretch and missed out entirely on the playoffs. The '07 version has a chance to finish with the best record in baseball and has almost zero chance of missing the playoffs, with a healthy seven game lead over Detroit (Sorry, Dad!) in the wild card standings. It would take a choke job at the level of the hilarious Yankee collapse of '04 for Boston to miss the playoffs.

So, a sequel to '78, as proposed by Mr McAdam, is almost impossible. Just something to note next time you are trying to drop sensationalist stories on your readership.

You know, that kind of knee-jerk, shock jock writing is really inane. 'IMO' anyway, as they say on all the red-blooded Red Sox forums plastered across the web. Where has reason and level headed writing gone? Instead of talking about a '78 like collapse, which is pretty much logically impossible seeing as Boston are 95% assured of being in the playoffs, why not tackle the upcoming fixtures, which point to Boston perhaps stretching their AL East lead again.

While Boston take on the MLB bottom feeding D-Rays, New York has to face Doc 'Cy Young 06' Halladay and his slugging Blue Jays. After a weekend of those matchups, who is more likely to be leading the AL East, Boston or New York? Logically, Boston.

I guess its easier, and sexier to write about similarities to the '78 collapse.

Even if those similarities don't exist.

Anyway. Whatever. Here's hoping Beckett can bring my blood pressure down a bit later with a sterling outing, or I am going to have to sedate myself again before sleepy time. The MLB end-of-season run in is not good for ones health.


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